Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Grace to be a better person to......Myself...

All i ask from you lord!

N.B...I'm not gonna chicken out(day 2) in progress.

Bisous Bisous..

Nobody greater than u

Been listening to this song for a long while now..It gets me all emotional and all...The awesomeness of the Most High......I hope u r blessed and filled with God's love just as you listen to this amazing song...Amen!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

I love this song...

I dont know why but i just do...

Estelle ft Rick Ross-Break my heart

Bisous ..


*le sigh*....So remember my 'Runaway love' post about being a voice whore bla bla as well as the gorgeous man whose voice i was in 'likenesss' with...Yup, well...I finally gathered the strength to talk to him at the cookout organised by my church..I spoke to him first and yes my pre-planned conversation thread worked magic...He bought it and was totally amazed at my audaciousness.....This is good right??... I mean i should be pirouetting in front of my wardrobe mirror...I'm glad dont get me wrong, like we totally bonded and all that shiznit but it's a tad bit complicated..

I think there's something wrong with me....Okay i know there's something wrong, I should be elated cos he meets the complete package but err...I think i'm scared of being in a relationship, Yes i know it's too early to decide whether or not we might date but u know those kinda thingies(cant define sorry) that might eventuually evolve into a relationship......Exactly!.  I think i enjoy the chase but i'd rather shy away from the commitment steez.Like he knows what he wants....I don't..Yess i've been single for like Forever , I should be in a relationship But...I dont know if thats what i want..What do i really want???

I'm not saying that he is the one..it's too early to know..I dont know if i'm willing to give him a try..I definitely dont wanna waste his time....But i'm attracted to him....Does this even make sense???

....I'd appreciate your two cents.

Bisous Bisous..

Day 1: Five ways to win my heart

Hmmmm..This is a wee bit tasking but let's see...Shall we?

-Shoes:  I know this is totally obvious by the way but i feel the need to hammer it in.If you dont love shoes then i feel really sorry for u, I mean whats not to like..Beautiful..gorgeous Footwear...Magnifique!!!..Let me just add that in as much as i love shoes, i'd be totally disappointed if someone who knew me well got me hideous shoes.For example, Last night at my friends house, she went on about how mortified she was cos a friend of hers got her some hideously monstrous shoes..I kid u not, even more disappointing cos this friend of hers wears gorgeous shoes..i know this cos i see her in church and she has a passable shoe game...oh yeah, My friend said she was gonna hand it over to charity, Mean Much??..lol. Yours truly even tried to rock them shoes but it was a Huge failure..tut!!..So yeah to win my heart..Give me shoessssss and i just might like you forever.

-Dont try so hard to impress me: So the other day my friend and i were having this conversation pertaining to a guy i sorta fancied , well..dont get me wrong he is a  great guy but sometimes i think he tries so hard to be in my good books. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to go out of your way to please someone but PLEASE dont over-do it..There's nothing more disgusting than a guy who goes out of his comfort zone just to make me happy even when i know he is terribly uncomfortable while doing it.So just be yourself, let me get to know u my way.Don't be too jumpy just because you want me to notice you...Be real and you'll have my heart whatever timezone i might be in..

-Absomazing command of English: I'm sorry but if you cant construct a good sentence, we cant be friends..I'm not trying to be mean but whats there to say?....Absolutely Nothing.I'm a sucker for well spoken, Intelligent men. I'm not even saying u have to be fineeeee but just Speak, just a simple ... well scripted syllable from your mouth....Baby i'm yours!

-Foodie: hehehe, I love fooddddd..it's rather unfortunate that my gorgeous self isnt fat..Hate monsters i see u lot..Yess, I'm in an amazing relationship with food.I love to eat. Feed me good food -Passage to my heart..*inserts food smiley* which doesnt exist by the way or does it?.


-Please be intellectually sound-I need not even emphasise on this matter, I love clever people..infact, I'm attracted to clever people..someone who knows/understands what he says..I love an all-rounder i.e sports, music, life, business affairs, every freaking thing....My heart patiently waits for u...

So there u have it...I hope u weren't too bored..

Bisous Bisous

30 day Challenge....*le sigh*

U see..I've told myself a million times that i will not participate in this '30 day challenge' steez...y u ask?.. well, for starters i'm the laziest blogger out there(I have to be)..Secondly, I'll probably be as blank as a paper, nothing interesting to write..my life is a bit of a bore actually..Bleh!!!...

Anewais i'm only going to do this because of that 'Julia &Julie movie i watched a wee while ago which was amazing by the way.If u dont know about/never watched the movie, it's about this girl who had this craseness for food..*yummy food btw* and she sorta had a food mentor, if thats what it is called ..Lets just say she started blogging about Julia child's recipes and she sorta set a deadline for herself which she met...So i'm gonna tap into that strength 'so help me God' and i'll try  not to chicken out..Amen!!!

Might i also add that another reason i've decided to go on this 30 day madness is cos a friend of mine chatted me on my blackberry and she called me BORING..that stung actually..so in ur face missy!...*tongue out*

So here is a list of the '30 DAY CHALLENGE

Deep sigh!!!!
Bisous Bisous..

The Pierces.

I'm sure a lot of  you should have noticed the music icon on my blog,anewais ladies and gentlemen, meet my gorgeous friends 'le pierces'..two amazing sisters based in new york.I think i fell in love with them the very moment i heard ' Secret' from their thirteen tales of love and revenge' album which by the way is simply absomazingggggg!!!!

But ...If you've never heard about them, not to worry..Help is on the way..lol, at the end of this post i shall attach two songs from the album...Meanwhile, the have a new album which is divineeeee....MUSIC HEAVEN!!! and yes urs truly has a copy. Yayness!!..It's called YOU &I

I  dont even know where to start from..it's just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...My fave at the moment from the album is 'it will not be forgotten', 'I put your records on' , 'Glorious' and 'Kissing u goodbye'..le sigh..

-It will not be forgotten

I hope u are totally blown away by such amazing music....

As i mentioned...this is the famous 'Secret' and 'Boring' from ..Thirteen tales of love and revenge!


Enjoy lovelies..
Bisous Bisous..


So remember how i said i got something totally yummy for myself as a birthday gift..and yeah i recently started having  this weird obsession for flat shoes...weird much??..anewais..enjoy for ur viewing pleasure.


And yeah my yummylicious friend did the most amazing thing ever..He got me the leopard version of the same amazing shoes...awwww Tres Fab!!!

Might i add that le fab shoes are from Dune..Yup Yup!!!
Simply Brilliant....

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Runaway love....

I write this unashamedly...Yes I'm a voice whore...lol, Have you ever fallen in love with a voice?..Yes a man's voice..the stillness, calmness, breath of fresh air???..Oh well!!!...I'm the weirdest person ever, I keep putting on this air of bravery but thing you dont know is that half of the time i'm squirming in my seat, heart beating ten times as fast as it should!!...what am i driving at?....Okay this is a tadbit late but the holy spirit was in the house on sunday...Halleluyah!!!!..*now screaming out loud....HOSANNA HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST*..


It happened right after the pastor's 'Word of the day'..Anewais it was time for people to come out to share their testimonies being that it was thanksgiving sunday..And as you know it was a long line..I had seen him before, okay maybe twice but i never really noticed him..Maybe i noticed him a little,I remember the first time i saw him, he was wearing a red tee-shirt and jeans, thing is he looked really dapper but i never really paid attention to him..okay, I knew he was a fresh face cos i'd never seen him in church before or maybe those days i stabbed church he probably came or something.

Not to jibber jabber, we met again..No we didnt speak..but he was standing not too far from where i was seating about to share his testimony , not like i couldnt be bothered about what others had to say, trust me i paid attention but there was just something about him...he has that 'je ne sais quoi'..I cant put my finger on it but when he spoke...........dangggggggg!!!! *the heavens opened*..Oh mon dieu!!!..That voice, his deep throaty laugh when he said something really funny..it took my breath away. I was in awe of that voice.

If  I  must say i probably didnt hear all he had to say, too busy swooning on his deep crisp british accent.I must have drooled for a bit cos it took me a while to realise that the microphone had been handed over to someone else.*le sigh*

I'd already planned my next move in my head, how i was gonna walk up to him and introduce myself.
here goes....
Me: Hello, i dont think we've been properly introduced, my name is fani.how do u do?
Him: Hi, I dont think so as well name..my name is bla bla..it's a pleasure to meet you!!
So on and so forth..

Lets just say it didnt go as planned, for starters he was in a hurry to leave church and yes, as i was about walking up to meet him..some random dude decided to chat me.arrggghhhh!!!!

Sacre Bleu!!!!

On a lighter note, i've been listening to this beautiful music by Israel houghton...It's called 'hosanna'..

God is simply Amazing...
...Be blessed


To Tell or Not to Tell!!!

*le sigh*......So my birthday is almost here..*yayness*...I kid i kid...truth is i'm not as happy as you might think..Let's just say i'm not big on birthdays but yes i do appreciate the pressies(who doesn't)..Thing is, i just think on your birthday everyone shows you this random attention even though half of them wants to box your ears out, i mean those friends you probably never kept in touch with but they try as much as possible to keep in touch via facebook or that friend you clearly aren't on speaking terms with, well she wants to kiss and make up but u'll have  none of it or yes yes, that supposed 'close friend' of yours whose birthday you didnt exactly forget, i mean you sent her a bbm message wishing her a happy birthday and you even put up a picture of her BUT you forgot one teensy bitty detail...U didn't ring her, u toad!...Anewais Everyone loves you on your Birthday.

So this year, I havent exactly told all my friends what i want, truth is i really dont want anyone to ask me what i want for my birthday, i mean i expect everyone to use their head....I wanna be Gobsmacked....Surprise me!!!!..What do u think i might like/ want...On the other hand, I do know what i'll be getting myself on my bday...*doing the dougie already*....Excited much..It's nothing too expensive and i fell in love with it on sight..It's very practical and i love it...I'll put up a pic on the eve of my birthday!

....Have a brilliant evening
Bisous .xxx


Hullo lovelies....I know it's been a hot minute, Pls do forgive me.....*Puppy Face*....It's just that I HAVEN'T been busy....Yes I confess, doing absolutely nothing...Just gloating around ...And I haven't really been motivated to write anything on le blog...

This is totally weird by the way but is it just me or are there other strange peeps like me as well...anywhoo...Y is it that one minute there's this guy you fancy and u've put him in the 'Maybe Potential' list, I mean u r all over him..He's gorgeous bla bla bla but then after a lil while he starts annoying u, like u literarily can't be in the same room with him..

Also, I seem to have shocked a particular friend of mine...I get deeply infuriated when men think u can't live without them..Like they have ur "Retard" button...Like they can just press play and u can do whatever it is they want you to...Let me explain this, I like to think that I'm the most patient person ever, Don't get me wrong I get miffed from time to time but I try not to show it..U know how someone takes the piss on a daily basis but u just ignore ...Just Because!!..A certain male friend has been doing just that, but u know how u just try as much as possible not to let them grate on ur nerves...Call me touchy but they are certain things I can't take from guys...For instance
- A guy that bbm's me and first thing he says is "Yo"....Dudeee I aint ur homie, Ur homie is out somewhere looking to meet up for booze...I'm a woman Gaddamit!!

-Nothing more annoying than a man who curses half of the time..Some guys don't even know how to talk to a woman and then the so-called blabbering idiots would come up n start preaching "Respect"..Like Get outta here with that Crap.....You calmly try to chat with a man whom u think at least has some sense in his head and while u r in the process of engaging him in a convo, He starts to sing Praises on the F' word...Y tho?..

-Some guys are disgustingly forward, U try ur best to be all chummy with them..and next thing u know, they r already asking u to send a picture of urself, send this and that shiznit, what r u wearing bla bla bla?? Like what's wrong with the world??

Long and short is that....I'm sooo glad that I chucked this male friend of mine in the bin...Good riddance!!


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hullo...Meet marc, daisy's boo!!!

I know it's been a hot minute, please forgive me...been nursing a disgusting fever but i'm much better thank u...Anewais u know what they say about a 'get well soon' pressie???...err..Nothing actually, I digress..someone adorable got me this absomazing perfume by Marc jacobs, Truth is i was reluctant at first, lets just say i'm a big time perfume snob, i've been using Lancome since forever so it felt quite weird trying something different..Anewais finally tried it and it was just divineeee..I cant stop gushing about the smell, it's your ideal spring/summer smell...if u are looking to get a new perfume..cant decide???...Please try it out..

Daisy By Marc Jacobs


Friends and Lovers PT. 2

" I'm parked outside" I murmured silently to the annoying voice
"Come inside now, bisi na wa for u"...She angrily said..
"Shalewa, come inside for what now, U know I still have to drive all the way to the island for seye's engagement party"...I hissfully moaned ..
"Whatever, sha come inside"...she said and hung up the phone..
I heaved a deep sigh, turned off the air-conditioning of my peugeot 307, took a deep breath and got out of the car.It was Aunty Tokunbo(shalewa's mum)'s 60th birthday party and it wasn't like I was gonna ignore the birthday invite but the plan was to dash over to Seye's engagement thingy and then back to Aunt tokunbo's party since it wasn't gonna end till the wee hours of the morning anyway...But knowing Bolanle too well, she was a relentless soul, she had drummed it senselessly into my ear that I had to be at the opening of the Charity foundation her mum was starting in commemoration of her 60th ....so here I was.

As I walked inside the Balmoral  hall, I spotted the Olojo Ibi (Celebrant)Aunt tokunbo floating round the hall in a baby blue and pink lace paired with some crazy Gianmarco Lorenzi Shoes.Aunt tokunbo sha ,always the life of the party, never a dull moment with her...And just as I was about creeping somewhere unnoticed, the devil herself scrunched up her nose and beckoned me to come over...

I put on my best winsomely smile and rushed to her side "My aunty, Happy Birthday" I said whlie flashing her my best close up ad smile..
"Ahh, Bisilola, oga fun e, so you were not goin to turn up" she said rolling her eyes
"Aunty how, I was o..who saiddd" I stuttered..
" Ok o, I hope you are staying, even your mother just entered  " she said while walking away to greet other guests..
I didn't bother responding cos she seemed somewhat distracted by what Lawyer Tunde was saying...Oh well, now to look for the mother but before I could turn, I felt an arm wrapped round me and a light whisper "Madam the Madam" she said
I suppressed a laugh within me and held tight ..."Friends are bad" she continued while removing her arms, I turned around and gave her a sullen look but she wasn't buying it "Aunt Flora" I said

"Don't Aunty Flora me" she said while pulling a seat nearby...My mother, the dramaqueen. Ever since I moved out of the house five months ago, her incessant calls increased, it got so annoying I started ignoring her calls and she was sulking because I promised to visit last saturday but I never did...
"I love you mummy" I teasingly said
"Well..I don't love bad kids who fail to ring their mother from time to time" she said while searching through her Fendi purse..
"Here ur father said I should give you Uncle Bosun's number , so get in touch sho gbo..I'll see u at night then and send my love to Seye"...she stood up, gave me a peck on the forehead and walked towards aunt tokunbo

" You should have locked yourself in the car" shalewa whimpered  in her most annoying british accent
"Oh, put a sock in it" I said
"Abeg abeg...anewais tell seye n toun I'm sending million kisses their way" she annoyingly said
"Noted, gotta go and yes I'll see you later"..I hurriedly said while giving her a peck on the cheek...

"Ouch" I screamed out loud..I felt a sharp pain behind my head, Last night had been bizarre..well in a good/bad way, aunt tokunbo's party had rocked and I danced my socks off..well, more like drowning my sorrows..Seye's engagement on the other had was not so enjoyable..It started out fine not until an accusatory glance from a particular "she male".I noticed her the minute I walked in, she had that look of disgust on her face but I passed by and feigned not giving a toss..

Thirty minutes later, I was being pulled to the corner by Yetunde.
"Babe wassap" she said
"I dey o, how have u been"...I cheerfully replied
" Good Good, just this work thing driving me up the wall but I'll fine" she said
" Eh yah, pele hun..everything'll be fine sho gbo"...I calmly said
" Thanks babe, anewais there's something I've been meaning to tell you o, hope u won't get offended"...she quietly said
" Offended, Nooo o..Feel free"...I replied while hiding any form of unease.
"Okay, well..it's about ifeanyi"...she said
" Ifeanyi?? Okk..."I murmured
"Look, I won't deceive u ehn, ifeanyi is cheating on u, not one, two or three girls..U are my friend and I won't deceive you"...she said
My friend, indeed...we weren't in d same circle and I only knew her through Seye..she was his cousin's gf so really..we weren't friends at all but still...
"Bisi ..Bisi are u listening to me" she said while patting me on the shoulder
" Yes, I'm here..err..Yetunde thank you so much, really appreciate."I hurriedly said while holding back the tears .
"Are u okay bisi, I hope I didn't say anything to put u in a mood" she replied
"No babe, thank u..I'll see you later"...I said while scanning for the nearest bathroom or somewhere I could go hide .
And the light whispers had continued, I heard a girl tell another "That's her" the girl said
" Who" the other lady asked
"Ifeanyi's "supposed" girl, little does she know " she said
" See that chic over there, apparently he has been shagging her, u know fuck buddies...Exactly" she irritatingly said
All that talk left a bitter taste in my mouth and all I could think of was my bed at home..I needed to lock myself up and cry myself to sleep.I mean who was I kidding??..They weren't lieing.

The other day I went through his phone and saw the disgusting messages on his fone, it was right there in the open..The truth, still I feigned ignorance..

Here I was lying in the arms of my deceitful lover, keeping mum about the whole thing..
"Bisilola, I've told u to stop drinking, it's not for u" he said in that sexy baritone voice that made my body quiver
"I knoww" I replied while yawning out loud.I was kanckered to the marrows, what I needed was a massage and pain reliever. As I lazily pulled the duvet from myself, he pulled me close and whispered " Where are you going" and lightly kissed my neck
"I'm tired ifeanyi" I lightly said
" More reason why you should stay in bed with me, It's sunday babe ." He moaned in that voice which indicated that he was fully turned on and there was no way he was letting me go..

And yes as usual I gave in...I allowed him to explore my body, he was good at this game..He knew the right spots and I was weak..weak from longing, weak from wanting him so bad even when I felt betrayed....weak from loving him so bad even when he had shattered my heart into pieces...I gave in.

Yes I'm a weakling...

....To be continued.

Friends and Lovers....

"Damn, who is that hottie deji is talking to by the bar"...Ifeanyi said out loud...
"Who" I absent mindedly replied while scrolling through my blackberry....He tapped me by the shoulder and said " That girl"....
I looked up to see who the major source of concern was but all I could see was her backview, ok...a beautiful backview, she had on a long red grecian dress, I could tell by the style and cut of the dress and from what I could see it fit perfectly like a second skin...Deji was mumbling something to her ear and her shoulders shook gracefully...she had a slim neckline and her shoulders were set high majestically...she was just about to turn and yes I was finally going to get a glimpse..
Grrrrrrr" my phone rang out loud, as I looked down to see who the caller was, I suddenly had a bitter taste in my mouth.

I heaved a deep sigh and murmured silenty to the phone "Hi"...I said
"Baby baby, why r u ignoring me"..she said
"Sophie, what do u want from me,I really want to know..I thought we agreed to go our seperate ways"..I angrily said in a low voice
" Uche pls I want u back, baby I'm sorry"..she moaned
"Look, I'll call u when I leave here" I haughtliy said and cut off the line.

Who was I fooling? I wasn't going to call her back.sophie was out of my life and I was done sulking over her, Good riddance...
"Uche there's someone I want u to meet"...Deji excitedly said as he pulled 'the. Faceless lady in red's arm"...Funny how ifeanyi and I had already given her a nickname in a space of 10minutes..
She had her back turned to me, like she was shy or something but as turned her back..I got tongue tied.
"Uche, meet my cousin..Ibidun"...deji said
"Errrrr....Hi"...I silently stammered
She looked like she had seen a ghost but hid it perfectly..
"Hello,finally I get to meet the popular uche, deji keeps talking about"..She said with a feigned smile
"Popular?? Indeed..Good to have finally met u as well" I responded
"Ibidun got in three ways ago, was gonna tell you but it skipped my mind" deji chipped in while pulling a chair out for ibidun.
"Guys I'll be back in a bit, where's ifeanyi anyway"...Deji asked
"U know him now, doing what he does best"..I said
" Anewais back in a bit" deji said while leaving the table.
As he left the table, I took a good look at the young lady seated across, adjusted my seat properly and said
"So I'm guessing we are meant to pretend like we've never met"...I casually said
"Well...Maybe"..She replied
"Ibidunni, I can't believe it, It's been like what a year and a half now" I deeply said
"Look, uche whatever happened between us what clearly a mistake, so let's just bury the past"..She murmured
I scanned her face to see if she was actually speaking the truth but it was so obvious, the lies were boldy written on her face and she still felt the same way..
"Interesting"...I replied

"Hey baby" I deeply said against the phone cradled by my right ear
"Hey boo" she responded
"Are u on ur way, been waiting for a bit" I said
"Deji, Mr remi got here late cos of traffic but would see u in 15mins" she calmly said in that cute voice I'd become terribly familiar with..
"Ok babe, see u soon then" I said
"Alright luv, would be then before u say Jack" she excitedly said
" Jack" I replied
"Funny deji, Bye" she laughed and cut the line off..
As I stood gazing at the cars driving past,thoughts clouding my mind....Distraught at the thought of losing shalewa even for a second..It all started two weeks while we holidayed in Spain, It was just after a mindblowing sex, I had taken her from the shower straight to the bedroom and I was still reeling from the moment when I heard a loud vibrating sound, I ignored it , by this time shalewa had gotten up to take yet another shower and I was just about to join her but you know what they say about "Curiosity killed the cat"...Exactly...

The noise was from her blackberry, I ignored it but something kept pushing me to check it, Trust me I respect my girlfriend's privacy but then again was it that I didn't trust her?...As I reluctantly picked up the phone, It was from ifeanyi ..

White Jew: Hey babe
I was gonna ignore n leave it as unread But I decided to probe further, Skimmed through the message thread
White Jew: Hotness
'Lewa: Hotness sha, wassap
White Jew: I dey o, U just fashied guys sha
'Lewa: How??
White Jew: U don't ask after me now always clinging to that ur bf
'Lewa: Ifeanyi u r funny but I ask after u all the time from deji, Blame him not me
White Jew: Anewais dere's sth I wanna ask u
'Lewa: Ok..
White Jew: I hope u don't get offended
'Lewa: Talk abeg
White Jew: How well do u know deji
'Lewa: well...enough I guess!!
White Jew: Hmm, okk...so  if I told u deji was seeing someone else
'Lewa: Ifeanyi abeg...why r u telling me this
I was just about scrolling down when I heard the click of the bathroom door, I quickly closed the chat and placed the phone back to its position
" Babe"...She called out from the bathroom..
" Coming "...I replied while getting off the bed...

...To be continued

Monday, 2 May 2011

Happy New Month..

I knowww..it's been a hawt minute...i apologise...Anewais being my random self, i wrote this a short while ago..I dont even know what to say, I dont know if you can relate to it..It's just random....

Weakness in my bones...
Last night....I had a smile on my face
Woke up with an ache stemming from my lower back..
Stop stop stop!!!...I muttered
It didn't ....
Are you there ?? Are you really there??...I screamed
I wasn't unfamiliar with the ache
Now and then it'd come and go as it pleases...
I cried out loud in my heart....why me why me??....I weakly said
I tried to rock myself gently just to feel better
Nothing happened....
I looked up and stifled a silent cry..
How long had she been there..
She wore a sullen look, tears clogged with mascara...she looked pasty!
I noticed the weariness in her eyes...
I wanted to help but I was weak ...as I stretched my arms towards her...
Ouch ...I muttered, that ache hadn't gone
She started screaming...Leave me alone!!! Leave me alone!!!
"I'm sorry I'm sorry"...I repeatedly said
And then she left.....
My Reflection....
I waited for her....
She didn't come back...
I closed my eyes, held my fist tight and screamed out loud "If indeed you are Jehovah, Make this stop...Please lord"..

Happy New month lovelies!!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shoe envy!!!

Dont you just love shoes...Beautiful shoes for that matter!!!!*drooling already at the thought*...anewais if u know me well, u'll know my 'shoebsession"..I HEART SHOES....before i go outta line, we are having a little something in my church tomoz and yup yup 'yours truly' is in the choir..I can sinnnnnggg!!!...it's a jeans fest tomoz and i've been thinking of what shoes to wear..i'm torn between my beautiful all saints 'calf hair' shoes and my Kurt Geiger 'brown court" platforms....hmmmmm!!!!

*inserts le picture*

All saints-

Kurt Geiger-

*teeth chattering*.....


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupids Got a Gun...Final Part

We had driven silently to the two bedroom flat I shared with my cousin sunmade, times like this I was glad I wasn't still leaving at uncle boye's house  even though I occasionally visited during the weekend, it was a 30minute drive from mine to uncle boye and sister bolu's house but the welcomed privacy was much needed...

"Baby" he said
"Oh please, don't even call me that" I screamed back at him
He was here, dokun had called him on his way and had told him to meet us at my place
He heaved a deep sigh and quietly murmured to dokun "Please help me talk to her,make her understand" he said
"Please Please...Understand what, that u had been talking to ur crazy ex and u didn't bother to tell me"..I furiously said
"Jade, I haven't been talking to her, I bumped into her a month after I got back from england and she has been stalking me ever since" he calmly said
"Indeed, stalking indeed, so why didn't you tell me bodunde, I thought we promised never to hide things from each other"..I said
"I know babe"..he murmured
"So why didn't you tell me, why??" I shouted..
"It's okay Jadesola, calm down"...Dokun said at this point
"Dokun please stop taking sides okay, quit the bromance and why did you call him" I said
" What do you mean by 'why did you call him, Jadesola what is your problem"..bodunde  rudely interrupted , stood up and stormed to the balcony...

"Jade calm down, listen for once and stop being stubborn"..he said with  mixed emotions
I rolled my eyes, backed him and the tears started pouring out..."I've heard"..I muttered under my breath...
He stood up, walked to the balcony and started speaking with bodunde..It must have been a quiet 10minutes but after a while I heard someone closing the door, I still didn't bother turning my back ...

"My darling" he mumbled slowly and hugged me from the back...I nudged his hand away but knowing bodunde well, he was relentless...he stood up and knelt right in front of me..he held my chin and made sure I was staring right into his eyes..his eyes were misty and he looked deeply hurt...I turned my face away but he cradled my face in his hands ..

"Jadesola, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about korede, I should have,I didn't and I'm so sorry..I promise never to hide anything from you again and I'm so sorry you had to go through that crazy ordeal" He said with so much emotion ...
"Bodunde, we are in this together...stop hiding things from me"...I weakly said
"It won't repeat itself again"he replied

As I stood aghast by the balcony basking into the dry-leaf scented air,I could hear the noise at the background...they were at it again disturbing the entire neighbourhood...I ignored the noise and turned towards him, he had been sitting on the lounge chair  for about 5minutes and hadn't muttered a word , I walked towards him and held his face
"What's wrong" I silently said
"Nothing, I miss you" he whispered
"I miss you too " I replied

Suddenly, I felt a tap on the sliding door..
"Madam Madam" she said. It was agnes, the housemaid with a confused look on her face.
" What"..I irritatingly said
" Demi and moyo dey scatter the house and I don tell dem say make them stop" she said
"Those kids, Ok I'm coming..you can go" I said
"And err..madam uncle dokun and him wife dey parlor for downstairs" she frightenly said
" I've heard, tell them I'll be with them shortly"I replied

I took a deep breath, adjusted my blouse and stepped back inside...and there he was staring back at me, assuring me as usual that everything would be fine.. We found out pretty late, the signs were there..I remember that sunday evening in the bathtub having a warm soak together, he had told me the devastating news and I wept bitterly in his arms....he held me close telling me everything was going to be just fine ... The treatment started and at some point everything looked alright but it sucked him more n more till he could take the pain no more.

Five years without my husband, the love of my life Abodunde Adeleke Roberts, I miss him dearly. I keep holding tight to the memories wishing he would come back to me .
"Everything would be just fine" I heard a voice lightly whisper. It was his voice

As I dabbed my eyes with the hem of my skirt, I walked out of 'our favorite room' in the house and climbed down the stairs to meet my two favourite people in the world..with a plastered smile on their beautiful faces....

I knew everything was just going to be fine...

The End.