Sunday, 22 May 2011

Friends and Lovers PT. 2

" I'm parked outside" I murmured silently to the annoying voice
"Come inside now, bisi na wa for u"...She angrily said..
"Shalewa, come inside for what now, U know I still have to drive all the way to the island for seye's engagement party"...I hissfully moaned ..
"Whatever, sha come inside"...she said and hung up the phone..
I heaved a deep sigh, turned off the air-conditioning of my peugeot 307, took a deep breath and got out of the car.It was Aunty Tokunbo(shalewa's mum)'s 60th birthday party and it wasn't like I was gonna ignore the birthday invite but the plan was to dash over to Seye's engagement thingy and then back to Aunt tokunbo's party since it wasn't gonna end till the wee hours of the morning anyway...But knowing Bolanle too well, she was a relentless soul, she had drummed it senselessly into my ear that I had to be at the opening of the Charity foundation her mum was starting in commemoration of her 60th here I was.

As I walked inside the Balmoral  hall, I spotted the Olojo Ibi (Celebrant)Aunt tokunbo floating round the hall in a baby blue and pink lace paired with some crazy Gianmarco Lorenzi Shoes.Aunt tokunbo sha ,always the life of the party, never a dull moment with her...And just as I was about creeping somewhere unnoticed, the devil herself scrunched up her nose and beckoned me to come over...

I put on my best winsomely smile and rushed to her side "My aunty, Happy Birthday" I said whlie flashing her my best close up ad smile..
"Ahh, Bisilola, oga fun e, so you were not goin to turn up" she said rolling her eyes
"Aunty how, I was o..who saiddd" I stuttered..
" Ok o, I hope you are staying, even your mother just entered  " she said while walking away to greet other guests..
I didn't bother responding cos she seemed somewhat distracted by what Lawyer Tunde was saying...Oh well, now to look for the mother but before I could turn, I felt an arm wrapped round me and a light whisper "Madam the Madam" she said
I suppressed a laugh within me and held tight ..."Friends are bad" she continued while removing her arms, I turned around and gave her a sullen look but she wasn't buying it "Aunt Flora" I said

"Don't Aunty Flora me" she said while pulling a seat nearby...My mother, the dramaqueen. Ever since I moved out of the house five months ago, her incessant calls increased, it got so annoying I started ignoring her calls and she was sulking because I promised to visit last saturday but I never did...
"I love you mummy" I teasingly said
"Well..I don't love bad kids who fail to ring their mother from time to time" she said while searching through her Fendi purse..
"Here ur father said I should give you Uncle Bosun's number , so get in touch sho gbo..I'll see u at night then and send my love to Seye"...she stood up, gave me a peck on the forehead and walked towards aunt tokunbo

" You should have locked yourself in the car" shalewa whimpered  in her most annoying british accent
"Oh, put a sock in it" I said
"Abeg abeg...anewais tell seye n toun I'm sending million kisses their way" she annoyingly said
"Noted, gotta go and yes I'll see you later"..I hurriedly said while giving her a peck on the cheek...

"Ouch" I screamed out loud..I felt a sharp pain behind my head, Last night had been bizarre..well in a good/bad way, aunt tokunbo's party had rocked and I danced my socks off..well, more like drowning my sorrows..Seye's engagement on the other had was not so enjoyable..It started out fine not until an accusatory glance from a particular "she male".I noticed her the minute I walked in, she had that look of disgust on her face but I passed by and feigned not giving a toss..

Thirty minutes later, I was being pulled to the corner by Yetunde.
"Babe wassap" she said
"I dey o, how have u been"...I cheerfully replied
" Good Good, just this work thing driving me up the wall but I'll fine" she said
" Eh yah, pele hun..everything'll be fine sho gbo"...I calmly said
" Thanks babe, anewais there's something I've been meaning to tell you o, hope u won't get offended"...she quietly said
" Offended, Nooo o..Feel free"...I replied while hiding any form of unease.
"Okay,'s about ifeanyi"...she said
" Ifeanyi?? Okk..."I murmured
"Look, I won't deceive u ehn, ifeanyi is cheating on u, not one, two or three girls..U are my friend and I won't deceive you"...she said
My friend, indeed...we weren't in d same circle and I only knew her through Seye..she was his cousin's gf so really..we weren't friends at all but still...
"Bisi ..Bisi are u listening to me" she said while patting me on the shoulder
" Yes, I'm here..err..Yetunde thank you so much, really appreciate."I hurriedly said while holding back the tears .
"Are u okay bisi, I hope I didn't say anything to put u in a mood" she replied
"No babe, thank u..I'll see you later"...I said while scanning for the nearest bathroom or somewhere I could go hide .
And the light whispers had continued, I heard a girl tell another "That's her" the girl said
" Who" the other lady asked
"Ifeanyi's "supposed" girl, little does she know " she said
" See that chic over there, apparently he has been shagging her, u know fuck buddies...Exactly" she irritatingly said
All that talk left a bitter taste in my mouth and all I could think of was my bed at home..I needed to lock myself up and cry myself to sleep.I mean who was I kidding??..They weren't lieing.

The other day I went through his phone and saw the disgusting messages on his fone, it was right there in the open..The truth, still I feigned ignorance..

Here I was lying in the arms of my deceitful lover, keeping mum about the whole thing..
"Bisilola, I've told u to stop drinking, it's not for u" he said in that sexy baritone voice that made my body quiver
"I knoww" I replied while yawning out loud.I was kanckered to the marrows, what I needed was a massage and pain reliever. As I lazily pulled the duvet from myself, he pulled me close and whispered " Where are you going" and lightly kissed my neck
"I'm tired ifeanyi" I lightly said
" More reason why you should stay in bed with me, It's sunday babe ." He moaned in that voice which indicated that he was fully turned on and there was no way he was letting me go..

And yes as usual I gave in...I allowed him to explore my body, he was good at this game..He knew the right spots and I was weak..weak from longing, weak from wanting him so bad even when I felt betrayed....weak from loving him so bad even when he had shattered my heart into pieces...I gave in.

Yes I'm a weakling...

....To be continued.


Crimson said...

OOk! So i see interesting intrigues coming up ..... i want to read Uche's story and discover what Ifeanyi is up to (no good I daresay). A nice read.

Andiva said...

Bien! A lil disjointed but me likey!

Valerie Black said...

not a lil, very disjointed, there are so many names, i had a hard time keeping up. cant wait 2 c wt comes next.