Monday, 25 July 2011

The Pierces.

I'm sure a lot of  you should have noticed the music icon on my blog,anewais ladies and gentlemen, meet my gorgeous friends 'le pierces'..two amazing sisters based in new york.I think i fell in love with them the very moment i heard ' Secret' from their thirteen tales of love and revenge' album which by the way is simply absomazingggggg!!!!

But ...If you've never heard about them, not to worry..Help is on the, at the end of this post i shall attach two songs from the album...Meanwhile, the have a new album which is divineeeee....MUSIC HEAVEN!!! and yes urs truly has a copy. Yayness!!..It's called YOU &I

I  dont even know where to start's just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...My fave at the moment from the album is 'it will not be forgotten', 'I put your records on' , 'Glorious' and 'Kissing u goodbye'..le sigh..

-It will not be forgotten

I hope u are totally blown away by such amazing music....

As i mentioned...this is the famous 'Secret' and 'Boring' from ..Thirteen tales of love and revenge!


Enjoy lovelies..
Bisous Bisous..

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