Sunday, 22 May 2011

Friends and Lovers....

"Damn, who is that hottie deji is talking to by the bar"...Ifeanyi said out loud...
"Who" I absent mindedly replied while scrolling through my blackberry....He tapped me by the shoulder and said " That girl"....
I looked up to see who the major source of concern was but all I could see was her backview, ok...a beautiful backview, she had on a long red grecian dress, I could tell by the style and cut of the dress and from what I could see it fit perfectly like a second skin...Deji was mumbling something to her ear and her shoulders shook gracefully...she had a slim neckline and her shoulders were set high majestically...she was just about to turn and yes I was finally going to get a glimpse..
Grrrrrrr" my phone rang out loud, as I looked down to see who the caller was, I suddenly had a bitter taste in my mouth.

I heaved a deep sigh and murmured silenty to the phone "Hi"...I said
"Baby baby, why r u ignoring me"..she said
"Sophie, what do u want from me,I really want to know..I thought we agreed to go our seperate ways"..I angrily said in a low voice
" Uche pls I want u back, baby I'm sorry"..she moaned
"Look, I'll call u when I leave here" I haughtliy said and cut off the line.

Who was I fooling? I wasn't going to call her back.sophie was out of my life and I was done sulking over her, Good riddance...
"Uche there's someone I want u to meet"...Deji excitedly said as he pulled 'the. Faceless lady in red's arm"...Funny how ifeanyi and I had already given her a nickname in a space of 10minutes..
She had her back turned to me, like she was shy or something but as turned her back..I got tongue tied.
"Uche, meet my cousin..Ibidun"...deji said
"Errrrr....Hi"...I silently stammered
She looked like she had seen a ghost but hid it perfectly..
"Hello,finally I get to meet the popular uche, deji keeps talking about"..She said with a feigned smile
"Popular?? Indeed..Good to have finally met u as well" I responded
"Ibidun got in three ways ago, was gonna tell you but it skipped my mind" deji chipped in while pulling a chair out for ibidun.
"Guys I'll be back in a bit, where's ifeanyi anyway"...Deji asked
"U know him now, doing what he does best"..I said
" Anewais back in a bit" deji said while leaving the table.
As he left the table, I took a good look at the young lady seated across, adjusted my seat properly and said
"So I'm guessing we are meant to pretend like we've never met"...I casually said
"Well...Maybe"..She replied
"Ibidunni, I can't believe it, It's been like what a year and a half now" I deeply said
"Look, uche whatever happened between us what clearly a mistake, so let's just bury the past"..She murmured
I scanned her face to see if she was actually speaking the truth but it was so obvious, the lies were boldy written on her face and she still felt the same way..
"Interesting"...I replied

"Hey baby" I deeply said against the phone cradled by my right ear
"Hey boo" she responded
"Are u on ur way, been waiting for a bit" I said
"Deji, Mr remi got here late cos of traffic but would see u in 15mins" she calmly said in that cute voice I'd become terribly familiar with..
"Ok babe, see u soon then" I said
"Alright luv, would be then before u say Jack" she excitedly said
" Jack" I replied
"Funny deji, Bye" she laughed and cut the line off..
As I stood gazing at the cars driving past,thoughts clouding my mind....Distraught at the thought of losing shalewa even for a second..It all started two weeks while we holidayed in Spain, It was just after a mindblowing sex, I had taken her from the shower straight to the bedroom and I was still reeling from the moment when I heard a loud vibrating sound, I ignored it , by this time shalewa had gotten up to take yet another shower and I was just about to join her but you know what they say about "Curiosity killed the cat"...Exactly...

The noise was from her blackberry, I ignored it but something kept pushing me to check it, Trust me I respect my girlfriend's privacy but then again was it that I didn't trust her?...As I reluctantly picked up the phone, It was from ifeanyi ..

White Jew: Hey babe
I was gonna ignore n leave it as unread But I decided to probe further, Skimmed through the message thread
White Jew: Hotness
'Lewa: Hotness sha, wassap
White Jew: I dey o, U just fashied guys sha
'Lewa: How??
White Jew: U don't ask after me now always clinging to that ur bf
'Lewa: Ifeanyi u r funny but I ask after u all the time from deji, Blame him not me
White Jew: Anewais dere's sth I wanna ask u
'Lewa: Ok..
White Jew: I hope u don't get offended
'Lewa: Talk abeg
White Jew: How well do u know deji
'Lewa: well...enough I guess!!
White Jew: Hmm,  if I told u deji was seeing someone else
'Lewa: Ifeanyi abeg...why r u telling me this
I was just about scrolling down when I heard the click of the bathroom door, I quickly closed the chat and placed the phone back to its position
" Babe"...She called out from the bathroom..
" Coming "...I replied while getting off the bed...

...To be continued

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