Thursday, 7 July 2011

To Tell or Not to Tell!!!

*le sigh*......So my birthday is almost here..*yayness*...I kid i kid...truth is i'm not as happy as you might think..Let's just say i'm not big on birthdays but yes i do appreciate the pressies(who doesn't)..Thing is, i just think on your birthday everyone shows you this random attention even though half of them wants to box your ears out, i mean those friends you probably never kept in touch with but they try as much as possible to keep in touch via facebook or that friend you clearly aren't on speaking terms with, well she wants to kiss and make up but u'll have  none of it or yes yes, that supposed 'close friend' of yours whose birthday you didnt exactly forget, i mean you sent her a bbm message wishing her a happy birthday and you even put up a picture of her BUT you forgot one teensy bitty detail...U didn't ring her, u toad!...Anewais Everyone loves you on your Birthday.

So this year, I havent exactly told all my friends what i want, truth is i really dont want anyone to ask me what i want for my birthday, i mean i expect everyone to use their head....I wanna be Gobsmacked....Surprise me!!!!..What do u think i might like/ want...On the other hand, I do know what i'll be getting myself on my bday...*doing the dougie already*....Excited much..It's nothing too expensive and i fell in love with it on sight..It's very practical and i love it...I'll put up a pic on the eve of my birthday!

....Have a brilliant evening
Bisous .xxx

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