Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shoe envy!!!

Dont you just love shoes...Beautiful shoes for that matter!!!!*drooling already at the thought*...anewais if u know me well, u'll know my 'shoebsession"..I HEART SHOES....before i go outta line, we are having a little something in my church tomoz and yup yup 'yours truly' is in the choir..I can sinnnnnggg!!!'s a jeans fest tomoz and i've been thinking of what shoes to wear..i'm torn between my beautiful all saints 'calf hair' shoes and my Kurt Geiger 'brown court" platforms....hmmmmm!!!!

*inserts le picture*

All saints-

Kurt Geiger-

*teeth chattering*.....


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupids Got a Gun...Final Part

We had driven silently to the two bedroom flat I shared with my cousin sunmade, times like this I was glad I wasn't still leaving at uncle boye's house  even though I occasionally visited during the weekend, it was a 30minute drive from mine to uncle boye and sister bolu's house but the welcomed privacy was much needed...

"Baby" he said
"Oh please, don't even call me that" I screamed back at him
He was here, dokun had called him on his way and had told him to meet us at my place
He heaved a deep sigh and quietly murmured to dokun "Please help me talk to her,make her understand" he said
"Please Please...Understand what, that u had been talking to ur crazy ex and u didn't bother to tell me"..I furiously said
"Jade, I haven't been talking to her, I bumped into her a month after I got back from england and she has been stalking me ever since" he calmly said
"Indeed, stalking indeed, so why didn't you tell me bodunde, I thought we promised never to hide things from each other"..I said
"I know babe"..he murmured
"So why didn't you tell me, why??" I shouted..
"It's okay Jadesola, calm down"...Dokun said at this point
"Dokun please stop taking sides okay, quit the bromance and why did you call him" I said
" What do you mean by 'why did you call him, Jadesola what is your problem"..bodunde  rudely interrupted , stood up and stormed to the balcony...

"Jade calm down, listen for once and stop being stubborn"..he said with  mixed emotions
I rolled my eyes, backed him and the tears started pouring out..."I've heard"..I muttered under my breath...
He stood up, walked to the balcony and started speaking with bodunde..It must have been a quiet 10minutes but after a while I heard someone closing the door, I still didn't bother turning my back ...

"My darling" he mumbled slowly and hugged me from the back...I nudged his hand away but knowing bodunde well, he was relentless...he stood up and knelt right in front of me..he held my chin and made sure I was staring right into his eyes..his eyes were misty and he looked deeply hurt...I turned my face away but he cradled my face in his hands ..

"Jadesola, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about korede, I should have,I didn't and I'm so sorry..I promise never to hide anything from you again and I'm so sorry you had to go through that crazy ordeal" He said with so much emotion ...
"Bodunde, we are in this together...stop hiding things from me"...I weakly said
"It won't repeat itself again"he replied

As I stood aghast by the balcony basking into the dry-leaf scented air,I could hear the noise at the background...they were at it again disturbing the entire neighbourhood...I ignored the noise and turned towards him, he had been sitting on the lounge chair  for about 5minutes and hadn't muttered a word , I walked towards him and held his face
"What's wrong" I silently said
"Nothing, I miss you" he whispered
"I miss you too " I replied

Suddenly, I felt a tap on the sliding door..
"Madam Madam" she said. It was agnes, the housemaid with a confused look on her face.
" What"..I irritatingly said
" Demi and moyo dey scatter the house and I don tell dem say make them stop" she said
"Those kids, Ok I'm can go" I said
"And err..madam uncle dokun and him wife dey parlor for downstairs" she frightenly said
" I've heard, tell them I'll be with them shortly"I replied

I took a deep breath, adjusted my blouse and stepped back inside...and there he was staring back at me, assuring me as usual that everything would be fine.. We found out pretty late, the signs were there..I remember that sunday evening in the bathtub having a warm soak together, he had told me the devastating news and I wept bitterly in his arms....he held me close telling me everything was going to be just fine ... The treatment started and at some point everything looked alright but it sucked him more n more till he could take the pain no more.

Five years without my husband, the love of my life Abodunde Adeleke Roberts, I miss him dearly. I keep holding tight to the memories wishing he would come back to me .
"Everything would be just fine" I heard a voice lightly whisper. It was his voice

As I dabbed my eyes with the hem of my skirt, I walked out of 'our favorite room' in the house and climbed down the stairs to meet my two favourite people in the world..with a plastered smile on their beautiful faces....

I knew everything was just going to be fine...

The End.

Cupids Got a Gun...PT. 4

And so our crazy love fest began....we weren't exactly everywhere together, we had some seperate classes but I'll never forget his sheepish lovelost look when he'd wait at my class lobby for me..He was sweet like that..

Dee' my zimbabwean friend would go ..'Eishhh, dude is so hooked on you'..and I'd give her a cheeky smile.everything felt so good .

I remember acting like a lost puppy at Heathrow airport, my baby was moving back to nigeria..I was terribly devastated..It was mid july and I wasn't going back till december , 6 hellish months without bodunde...arrgghh!!!..
As we stood at the gate entrance hands linked tightly..tears streaming down my face..
"Jade stop acting like a baby, you'll see me soon, december is almost here" he weakly said
" Yeah yeah, easy for u to say, I'm worried babe"..I replied
"Worried..why??..ohh you think I'd forget  about you as soon as I get to lagos"..bodunde said
"Well...I've heard stories"..I angrily said
"Jade, how can u say that?..I love u silly and you are the only woman I wanna be with"..He said calmly
 Heaving a deep sigh, I stared deep into his eyes with a weak smile on my face..."I'm sorry bodunde, didn't mean it that way and yes I trust you with my every being"...
"Better, now give papa a smile" he teased..
I smiled lovingly and planted a full kiss on his mouth, he hugged me tight and whispered deeply in my ear "Me and you together..Always, Always baby!!!..

I've never embraced the idea of being in a long distance relationship but let just say it worked for bodun and I, I mean it wasn't easy.He had returned back to work a week after he got to lagos..his work schedule was first it was quite difficult to take the whole thing in...I'd throw a tantrum from time to time especially when I'd call him and he never picked but with time I got to understand the whole thing...

It had been a lovely albeit somewhat crazy 6 months but I still loved and enjoyed every bit of the relationship..My love for Abodunde Roberts had increase immensely, it was like a breath of fresh air and Yes I was finally had been what,like 8 years out of nigeria and it felt wonderful to be back...

As I strolled out of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, I saw both of them, My adopted parents (Uncle boye and Sister bolu)...aww, sister bolu hadn't aged at all....Uncle boye was still the looker...I remember that day at the airport, aunty bolu had wept silently, she didn't like the idea of me on my own in england but she later warmed to the idea...
"Se omo jeje o (be a good girl)and be careful" she said
"Aunty, stop crying..I'll be fine and besides I'll see you and them lola in june"..I dryly said....
I wiped the tear that was rolling down my face and hurriedly pushed the trolley towards them..
"Jadesola" aunty bolu heartily said while hugging me
"Welcome home"..Uncle boye happilly said whilst pushing the trolley..
Home sweet Home!!

Sadly, they had moved from their ikeja flat to was still an enjoyable ride home, it felt like the old days and as we turned into driveway, I saw the dark blue honda civic parked right in front of the main gate, the silhoutte of the man fully outlined....He was here!!!..He came!!! I was buzzinnggg..
He got out of the car as soon as he saw our car driving in and as he walked inside, I ran out of the car laughing and crying at the same time straight into his arms..he rubbed his face all over my hair and I kept whispering " I love you"..

Sister bolu said she was slightly shocked when I told her 8months ago about Bodunde, I guess she still thought dokun and I were gonna end up married or so..Uncle boye was initially protective,he didn't want me jumping into another relationship after the crazy one with the ex but I assured him bodunde was different and He had warmed towards him....Right from his first visit to their house,they bonded right away and he became family at that point..

" hey beau"...I said
"How's my fave woman" he sexily said
"I'm fineee, on my way to urs, see you in a bit"..I said lovingly
"Waiting, love u lots" he said in that cute boyish voice
" Love u too, " I said and hung up.
And that was when it happened, four months after I got back. It was a warm afternoon..the highway was free which was quite unusual... Bei Maejor's "Girl Flex" blaring loudly from my car stereo..It was a lovely day, well not until I heard the sound..I looked at my rearview mirror and noticed the cream toyota camry whose bumper had hit the back of my back...I parked by the road to look at the damage, the camry had been parked as well..

With a deep frown forming on my face, I muttered to myself "But why are lagos drivers careless like this"..I said whilst getting out of my car and like a bull charging, I saw her marching furiously towards me with two other women..I hadn't even uttered a word before I received a loud resounding slap on my face..
"Bitch, stay away from my man" she angrily said
" Your man" I said holding my right hand to my face"
"Are you asking me, I see you are the plaything that just came back..Abodunde is mine so stay away from him" she screamed while nodding to the equally crazy women by her side
And so the punching started, they tore my white Ann taylor shirt, beat me black and blue.
They charged back to their car and drove off..a small crowd had gathered and I could hear the silent "Aunty take it easy" as well as the disgusting "Ashewo, she fit don steal person husband like that, all this yeye lagos girls"...

The tears poured out and I started shaking, shrieking in fear I entered my car, picked up my mobile phone and called him..

"Dokun" I said amidst uncontrollable tears
"Hey babe, what's wrong"...he said
" I can't talk much, I'm parked five blocks from the rissioni bar, can u come and get me"...I said while wiping my face
"On my way babe, Just wait right where you are ..okayy"..he replied
"Ok, I'll wait for you"..I meekly whispered

Five minutes after the phone call, my phone began to ring , I didn't have to pick the phone to know who the caller was, I'd assigned a special ringtone for him and as I picked up my fone I pressed the .......

To be continued

Cupids Got a Gun...PT. 3

"So what sorta music do u listen to"....I asked him as I cradled the phone against my ear with a huge smile plastered on my face...
"Well, a bit of everything really, I'm an old skool kind of guy tho" he replied
" Borrriiiinnngg"...I responded ...
"Ok, don't even get me started with the A-Z of music" he deeply replied in that sexy baritone voice of his..

And I stood in my bathroom, smiling sheepishly at the mirror in front of me, reminiscing on our endless midnight calls, totally guessed right, Bodunde and I became suspiciously close right after our assigned coursework....well, let's just say amongst people we had to hide under the guise of being mere acquaintances....stolen breathless glances both in class n church....absomazingly Lushhh!!!

It had been three weeks, 2 days, 8hrs and 6mins....delicious moments and yes...wait for it....Our first date!!!...Abiola my sweet albeit annoying flatmate thinks I'm overly excited, I think she's just jealous that I have a man (well..not like we were official, okk..he hadn't exactly asked me to date him BUT I knew he fancied the socks outta me...whooopss!!!

Twirling round the flat in my Day birger et mikkelsen striped jersey maxi dress paired with the gorgeous pierre hardy 'color block wedge sandals' dokun got me last year on  my birthday, Minimal make up on, Parisienne by YSL carefully dabbed behind my ears...I looked sensational...I knew it..

"How do I look"...I lovingly asked the evil witch(Abiola)..Oopss!!
"Hotness, You look fab babe, bodunde is in for it"...she nicely said with a twinge of envy.
"Thank you boo"...I replied as I walked to the front  door
"Have fun"..she screamed
" Will do"...I said amidst air kisses..

Okay!!...Breathe in and out Jade..
"I'm gonna have fun tonite"...I repeatedly mumbled as I sashayed towards the devishly handsome man standing besides the dark BMW...
"Hello you"...I shyly said
"Aww, is she shy....U look incredible jade"..He teasingly said while giving me a hug and planting a wet kiss behind ear...gosh, I tingled all over...
"Well..thank you, you clean up good as well"..I sheepishly said..

And as we drove out of the building complex with sade adu's "By your side" hissing softly from the car speakers, he slowly glided his right thumb round my hands..."Is this love , is this love that I'm feelingggg"...sigh

"U ok babe"...bodunde whispered as we sat across each other at the mussel inn seafood restaurant..
"I'm fine"...I replied
" So tell me something I don't know" he said
"Well"...I said while gulping down my wine..

Let's just say dinner was mental...I had the best night of my life, the conversation went on and on and I didn't want it to end..It was a Faboossshh night, And as he walked me to the front  door , I said dreamily " So, do u wanna come in"
"Would love to but it's late and I wanna be on my best behaviour"..He crisply said
"Ok, so u'll call me when you get home right"..I murmured sexily
"Yup Yup, will do lovely"...he said while giving me a peck on the cheek..


It was 11.15pm and I was happy...I needed to share my bubbly mood with someone and I knew the right person to call, d bestieeee dokun...

" Hellooo babe" I happily said
" Hey u"...he yawnly replied
"Are u sleeping" I asked
"Well, kinda but it can't someone's extremely excited?...hmmm, I take it the date went well"...He said with a suppressed laugh
"Yes Yes, Ohh dokun he is the one..I like him so much " I airily said
"Okk, I'm happy that u are happy just be careful and take thing slowly babe"...dokun said
"Def def, I know u r looking out for me beau but I got this covered"..I carelessy replied..
" I know but just ..." He went on and on, I knew he was looking out for me but can't I just enjoy this moment, I was definitely not in the mood for the brotherly talk
Absently rolling my eyes, I murmured under my breath "Noted dokun, I've heard..I'll be extra careful"..

That conversation happened five days ago, I could sense the slight irritation in his voice as I hurriedly ended the phone call but he'll be fine though...

"Penny for your thoughts" Bodunde said
"Oh it's nothing"..I replied
"Sure"..he said while moving closer to the bed..
Okk, he was at my room actually, he had stopped over to drop a textbook I had asked him to pick up from the library and let's just say we mysteriously found our way to my bedroom...and yup we talked some more about everything, I told him about yemi (le ex) , he listened and I talked some more...He spoke about his mum a lot though, the love of his life apparently, he spoke about his family and then it was time to go home...

Two baby steps to my bedroom door, he pulled me back and as we stood gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, holding each other tight...he moved his right thumb round my lower lip, lowered his head and said in the deepest growl ever..
"I've wanted to do this since our first date"
I had turned jelly inside, he tasted insanee..a hint of strawberry coated with mint..It was absolutely divine...D way he nibbled on my lip, teased my lips with tiny juicy kisses and then explored my mouth..


To be continued...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cupids Got a Gun...PT. 2

"Hey babe"...dokun said...
He sounded really tired, I guess the whole  deadline shiznit at work was getting to him...Oh yes!!..Dokun is actually my bestfriend...most people find it so hard to believe...well, let's just say because he is way older than me...Okay!! Okay!! years actually...

I was 15, he was 22 when we  met..I was just leaving the cybercafe with tears streaming down my face,clutching the paper I had in my hand was bad news!!..I had just checked my Jamb result and yes I didn't make the cut off mark required..I had flunked terribly...Aunty bolu and her husband won't be pleased at all...After 4 months of grueling study labor,Uncle boye (aunty bolu's hubby)had  even enrolled me at the 'Jamb Lesson' not far from the house...yet I had been a huge disappointment..

'Ouch, ahan can't you watch where you are going"...I screamed furiously at the arrogant young man in front of me..
"I'm sorry"..He said with so much disdain.
"You people won't watch where you are going, Please I'm not even in the mood today"..I shouted back at him,at this point  he looked at me disturbingly..
He probably thought I had gone mental, well..who wouldn't??...Seye(aunty bolu's son) passed jamb at a sitting! But not me...d one who had been rejected at a tender age of 3..I had slaved away, studied while others played yet I had failure staring right back at me in the face.

"Calm down now, why is your blood hot"...he irritatingly said
Why is my blood hot ehn? Why is blood hot abi"...I repeatedly said while handing him the white paper I'd been holding tightly in my hand...
And as he carefully perused the paper , I noticed the weariness in his eyes, he heaved a deep sigh , looked into my eyes and did the most beautiful thing anyone had done to me in a long while...
Yes...He gave me a hug, patted my back as the tears flooded out and told me everything was going to be alright...

And as we sat across each other at the deserted end of the slightly empty 'Mr Biggs' eatery..whoever had passed, would have probably thought we were lovers..they would have called it puppy love..But oblivious to our sorrounding, I poured out my heart to him and he listened...He had been rushing out of the 'Mate' supermaket beside the cybercafe when he bumped into me..He could have ignored/gone his way but he stayed and he listened to everything I had to say...

From that moment onwards, I became best chums with Adedokun Taylor...He was the older brother I'd always yearned for, the friend I confided in and the family I longed for in my heart...Ohh, Uncle boye liked him instantly but he would always tease us just to see that flush in my face, I remember him saying "E sure pe ore nikan ni yi (are u guys sure u are just friends)....Aunty bolu on the other hand was a little bit withdrawn towards him, for some reason, she thought he had a hidden agenda...Her favourite oneliner to us " E ma deceive ara yin  , se gbo (Both of you should be deceiving yourself)...She just never understood dokun and I...we were family!!!

Crazy as it seems, it's been eleven mental years and I remain thankful to God for sending him my way that fateful day..I remember how I'd flaunt him around my female friends, d jealousy in their eyes..PRICELESS!!!

As I cradled the phone against my ear, I heaved a deep sigh, there was so much I wanted to tell him, it had been three years of long distance friendship, we had stayed strong and I couldn't wait to meet Ibidun,the' supposed' woman of his dreams, he had been gushing on and on  about her which was really strange..over the years, dokun had always been the private one when the matter of relationship stemmed up..yay!! Yay!! ...

"Jade"....dokun crisply said
"Yup"..I replied
" U're still coming home on the 19th"....he said in that deep voice I'd gotten used to...Oh my!! My bestie had grown so much...
"Yesss, Can't wait to see u beau"...I said excitedly...
"Same here ,I'm goin to spoil you silly"...he replied..

"Yeah yeah, so you keep saying"...i said teasingly...
He seemed somewhat distracted, I could hear him mumbling words to the distracting background voice..hmmmm!!!

"Pumpkin, i'll call you over the weekend okay"...he  said briskly
"Okay you loads"..I responded
"Love you too, Bye"...he said and hung up.
"Bye"..I replied between my teeth to the already dead  phone line...

To be continued..

Cupids Got a Gun...

It all started that warm november afternoon after our quantitative financial analysis class...we were  given a coursework which was due in a weeks time...and yes I knew him...okayy!!! We both knew each other...I know this because we bump into each other most sundays in church, He was a worker in church...well, an Usher actually. I on the other hand, a mere church member. But we never spoke or muttered a single word/ syllable..Just the regular eye contact....I hated him though, why??..well..he was stunningly good looking, intelligent, witty,a notorious intellect, everything I wanted in a man...okayy!!!..the other day in class I caught him flirting with sade and lolade and they laughed shamelessly at some joke he had was funny because from where I was seating I could here his voice..that deep, melodic voice and what he said was actually funny cos I was wearing a sheepish smile on my face, Nobody saw or heard me laugh but it was funny. I was green with envy, I'd be dying to talk to him for like ever but every girl in class wanted a piece of him.

Last sunday could have been the perfect time to say hi...I woke up terribly late that day, no thanks to Abiola who kept on ranting and ranting about this guy she was with two days earlier, I really wanted to sleep but she kept going on and on about how he had spoilt her silly bla bla., yadi yada..was I jealous??..Maybe a little but the 'said' man was MARRIED so really it'll probably not last long......Anewais, the tireless rant led to me ignoring my alarm when it went off and Yes I got to church later than usual...

As I stepped into church, he was the first person I saw, a smile was already forming on his face and as he was about to usher me to my seat, I took my face away and stormed past him...Maybe I was a little bit cranky, My brain was still booting and I was in no mood to put on a forced smile...
'Jadesola Jadesola'...My inner voice said sternly
'What'... I replied
'Oh nothing, Learn to take things slow' inner voice muttered and disappeared..

So let's just say, the long awaited conversation didn't hold that day , well not up until today after my lecturer had pasted d list of our various group members for the assigned coursework he had given....

"Jadesola"....He said
I slowly turned back, I knew he was the one but I took my time, pretended that it was a voice I had formed in my thoughts...maybe it was a dream, had I heard right??...
'Jadesola' the voice said while poking me on the shoulder...
I put on my best winsomely enticing smile and said " Bodunde, Hi"...

To be continued....

Monday, 4 April 2011


As I wait patiently at d lobby of d Marriott, waiting for my addison lee pick up car.....Plugged in my ear is Rose colored glasses by kelly rowland...dis song is no way related to my post but it does make one think...Anewais can someone please define TRUST??...How much info are we willing to give out..In as much as we do meet someone we trust and all, do we just open up and tell them every freakin thing that concerns us without the fear of them using that stuff to bite us at the back....what's the possibility that they won't use our weakness to mock us......

Gros bisous...

Guilty Pleasures.......Final Part!!

"Hello princess"....He said with an overwhelming  longing in his eyes...

All the things I'd planned on telling him disappeared  as soon as he cradled my face in his hands and planted a yet delicious kiss on my mouth...Right in the middle of the Arrivals lounge at Heathrow airport, we kissed each other was a feeling of sadness, longing, pain, happiness,Uncertainty...a mixture of emotions bottled inside but at that moment we just wanted to savor the moment....Time stood still and it was just Us....Just Us!!!!!

"You look tired".....I said , while fiddling with  the Tv remote of the service apt we were gonna occupy for the remainder of our stay in London...
"I'm fine baby, just fine"...He replied

Oh lawd...this wasn't going to end well....

Later that evening, as we sat cuddled in each others arms at the lounge bar of The Dorchester...everything felt like the way it was..... We talked,Not about us tho...about everything from music, politics, life ,our career...Everything but the 'US' bit..... Ohhh, the way he'd glide his right thumb down my shoulder....Delicious tingle all over my body....He wanted me, I could see it in his eyes which had melted into a warm hazel colour ..I knew that look and yes yes I wanted him as well...I needed him so bad.

"You want to get out of here" he said in that gruff voice I'd become terribly familiar with..
"Yes"...I whispered

Thirty minutes later, fumbling with the apt keys..with so much desire frenzy in the air..arrggghhh, it took forever to open but it did...Finally!!!..
He bathed my body with juicy kisses, we tore at each others throats , clothes flying around...I needed to feel him , It had been way too long and just as he was about to....

"No"....I screamed with tears streaming down my face..I couldn't do this, this was wrong , this wasn't the plan...what was wrong with me....Had I become so desperate??...
 "I can't do this, this isn't right"...I went on in a low voice
" Funlola, you know the issue on ground, we both agreed that we'd keep it this what's not right"...he said with a sigh....
 "Ohh, so you actually enjoy this hide and seek, I'm tired derayo,I'm tired of this chase..I don't wanna run anymore..I can't live this way".....I shouted out loud with my fists clenched tightly..
"Stop being difficult funlola" he said calmly

Amidst the ceaseless tantrum, he still managed to look effortlessly grim....The nerve of him!!!...Heaving a deep sigh, he gathered me in his arms with his manly hands running down my back....he had me just where he wanted, he knew my weakness....HE was my weakness!!!

"I love you so much princess" derayo said in a low growl penned with an unending desire...
"I love you too baby, I'm so sorry for losing my temper" I said amidst uncontrollable tears pouring down my face ..

The kisses returned and it was like no form of argument occured...everything was blissful...time stood still....It was just perfect, exactly the way I wanted it to be..I could feel the hair at the back of my neck prickle with excitement, this felt so good for all the wrong reasons..Ohh, Kiky would be gravely disappointment but hey i'm going to throw caution to the wind..i guess 'what won't kill you makes you stronger'...Yeah yeah..Keep fooling yourself funlola..Foolery!!!!

Suddenly i felt a deep poke on my shoulder and  a voice rattled on.. where we landing on??..where was i??...
"Ma'am'..the voice said
"Yes " i said while looking up and adjusting back to my environment...
"We've reached the airport, do i get your things from the trunk"....He muttered.

"No, Please take me back home"...i said with a weak smile

And as we drove past the airport,I knew deep down that i'd done the right thing..sometimes somethings are better left unsaid, I wanted what i couldnt have..Derayo was taken already, my silly fantasies wouldn't bring him back to me..Kike was right,he was never going to be mine so i guess i'll have to wake up from my deep slumber and move on with my life.I hadn't seen him in six months and three days in london wouldn't change anything .

He'll be waiting for me but sadly i won't be there..

As i pressed the buzzer to the three bedroom apt i shared with the bestie, I knew i had done the right thing..wiping the tears off my cheeks, I spoke into the intercom with the faintest voice .."Kike "...I whispered.
there was a long pause at the other end...i waited patiently for her to say something silly, afterall she had warned me not go..but i heard nothing but the click on the front door..

"You did the the right thing"..she said as she patted me on the back..

At that moment, i mentally remembered the lyrics to Adele's "Someone like u"...Nevermind, I'll find someone like you,I wish nothing but the best for you, too,Don't forget me, I beg.. I remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts in love, But sometimes it hurts instead,

So i'll be fine... I hope!!!