Monday, 25 July 2011

30 day Challenge....*le sigh*

U see..I've told myself a million times that i will not participate in this '30 day challenge' steez...y u ask?.. well, for starters i'm the laziest blogger out there(I have to be)..Secondly, I'll probably be as blank as a paper, nothing interesting to life is a bit of a bore actually..Bleh!!!...

Anewais i'm only going to do this because of that 'Julia &Julie movie i watched a wee while ago which was amazing by the way.If u dont know about/never watched the movie, it's about this girl who had this craseness for food..*yummy food btw* and she sorta had a food mentor, if thats what it is called ..Lets just say she started blogging about Julia child's recipes and she sorta set a deadline for herself which she met...So i'm gonna tap into that strength 'so help me God' and i'll try  not to chicken out..Amen!!!

Might i also add that another reason i've decided to go on this 30 day madness is cos a friend of mine chatted me on my blackberry and she called me BORING..that stung in ur face missy!...*tongue out*

So here is a list of the '30 DAY CHALLENGE

Deep sigh!!!!
Bisous Bisous..

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