Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 1: Five ways to win my heart

Hmmmm..This is a wee bit tasking but let's see...Shall we?

-Shoes:  I know this is totally obvious by the way but i feel the need to hammer it in.If you dont love shoes then i feel really sorry for u, I mean whats not to like..Beautiful..gorgeous Footwear...Magnifique!!!..Let me just add that in as much as i love shoes, i'd be totally disappointed if someone who knew me well got me hideous shoes.For example, Last night at my friends house, she went on about how mortified she was cos a friend of hers got her some hideously monstrous shoes..I kid u not, even more disappointing cos this friend of hers wears gorgeous shoes..i know this cos i see her in church and she has a passable shoe game...oh yeah, My friend said she was gonna hand it over to charity, Mean Much?? Yours truly even tried to rock them shoes but it was a Huge failure..tut!!..So yeah to win my heart..Give me shoessssss and i just might like you forever.

-Dont try so hard to impress me: So the other day my friend and i were having this conversation pertaining to a guy i sorta fancied , well..dont get me wrong he is a  great guy but sometimes i think he tries so hard to be in my good books. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to go out of your way to please someone but PLEASE dont over-do it..There's nothing more disgusting than a guy who goes out of his comfort zone just to make me happy even when i know he is terribly uncomfortable while doing it.So just be yourself, let me get to know u my way.Don't be too jumpy just because you want me to notice you...Be real and you'll have my heart whatever timezone i might be in..

-Absomazing command of English: I'm sorry but if you cant construct a good sentence, we cant be friends..I'm not trying to be mean but whats there to say?....Absolutely Nothing.I'm a sucker for well spoken, Intelligent men. I'm not even saying u have to be fineeeee but just Speak, just a simple ... well scripted syllable from your mouth....Baby i'm yours!

-Foodie: hehehe, I love's rather unfortunate that my gorgeous self isnt fat..Hate monsters i see u lot..Yess, I'm in an amazing relationship with food.I love to eat. Feed me good food -Passage to my heart..*inserts food smiley* which doesnt exist by the way or does it?.


-Please be intellectually sound-I need not even emphasise on this matter, I love clever people..infact, I'm attracted to clever people..someone who knows/understands what he says..I love an all-rounder i.e sports, music, life, business affairs, every freaking thing....My heart patiently waits for u...

So there u have it...I hope u weren't too bored..

Bisous Bisous

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