Thursday, 7 July 2011

Runaway love....

I write this unashamedly...Yes I'm a voice, Have you ever fallen in love with a voice?..Yes a man's voice..the stillness, calmness, breath of fresh air???..Oh well!!!...I'm the weirdest person ever, I keep putting on this air of bravery but thing you dont know is that half of the time i'm squirming in my seat, heart beating ten times as fast as it should!!...what am i driving at?....Okay this is a tadbit late but the holy spirit was in the house on sunday...Halleluyah!!!!..*now screaming out loud....HOSANNA HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST*..


It happened right after the pastor's 'Word of the day'..Anewais it was time for people to come out to share their testimonies being that it was thanksgiving sunday..And as you know it was a long line..I had seen him before, okay maybe twice but i never really noticed him..Maybe i noticed him a little,I remember the first time i saw him, he was wearing a red tee-shirt and jeans, thing is he looked really dapper but i never really paid attention to him..okay, I knew he was a fresh face cos i'd never seen him in church before or maybe those days i stabbed church he probably came or something.

Not to jibber jabber, we met again..No we didnt speak..but he was standing not too far from where i was seating about to share his testimony , not like i couldnt be bothered about what others had to say, trust me i paid attention but there was just something about him...he has that 'je ne sais quoi'..I cant put my finger on it but when he spoke...........dangggggggg!!!! *the heavens opened*..Oh mon dieu!!!..That voice, his deep throaty laugh when he said something really took my breath away. I was in awe of that voice.

If  I  must say i probably didnt hear all he had to say, too busy swooning on his deep crisp british accent.I must have drooled for a bit cos it took me a while to realise that the microphone had been handed over to someone else.*le sigh*

I'd already planned my next move in my head, how i was gonna walk up to him and introduce myself.
here goes....
Me: Hello, i dont think we've been properly introduced, my name is do u do?
Him: Hi, I dont think so as well name is bla's a pleasure to meet you!!
So on and so forth..

Lets just say it didnt go as planned, for starters he was in a hurry to leave church and yes, as i was about walking up to meet him..some random dude decided to chat me.arrggghhhh!!!!

Sacre Bleu!!!!

On a lighter note, i've been listening to this beautiful music by Israel houghton...It's called 'hosanna'..

God is simply Amazing...
...Be blessed


Anonymous said...

...Voice whore Lol!! for a second, i thot that conversation had been accomplished .... one day!

Hosanna.. Wow! a simply beautiful worship song, makes you feel like you are giving the ultimate praise. No focus on yourself...just Him. Thanx for sharing.

Mia Farraday said...

I can totally understand this...voices get me. Big fan of Israel too.