Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupids Got a Gun...Final Part

We had driven silently to the two bedroom flat I shared with my cousin sunmade, times like this I was glad I wasn't still leaving at uncle boye's house  even though I occasionally visited during the weekend, it was a 30minute drive from mine to uncle boye and sister bolu's house but the welcomed privacy was much needed...

"Baby" he said
"Oh please, don't even call me that" I screamed back at him
He was here, dokun had called him on his way and had told him to meet us at my place
He heaved a deep sigh and quietly murmured to dokun "Please help me talk to her,make her understand" he said
"Please Please...Understand what, that u had been talking to ur crazy ex and u didn't bother to tell me"..I furiously said
"Jade, I haven't been talking to her, I bumped into her a month after I got back from england and she has been stalking me ever since" he calmly said
"Indeed, stalking indeed, so why didn't you tell me bodunde, I thought we promised never to hide things from each other"..I said
"I know babe"..he murmured
"So why didn't you tell me, why??" I shouted..
"It's okay Jadesola, calm down"...Dokun said at this point
"Dokun please stop taking sides okay, quit the bromance and why did you call him" I said
" What do you mean by 'why did you call him, Jadesola what is your problem"..bodunde  rudely interrupted , stood up and stormed to the balcony...

"Jade calm down, listen for once and stop being stubborn"..he said with  mixed emotions
I rolled my eyes, backed him and the tears started pouring out..."I've heard"..I muttered under my breath...
He stood up, walked to the balcony and started speaking with bodunde..It must have been a quiet 10minutes but after a while I heard someone closing the door, I still didn't bother turning my back ...

"My darling" he mumbled slowly and hugged me from the back...I nudged his hand away but knowing bodunde well, he was relentless...he stood up and knelt right in front of me..he held my chin and made sure I was staring right into his eyes..his eyes were misty and he looked deeply hurt...I turned my face away but he cradled my face in his hands ..

"Jadesola, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about korede, I should have,I didn't and I'm so sorry..I promise never to hide anything from you again and I'm so sorry you had to go through that crazy ordeal" He said with so much emotion ...
"Bodunde, we are in this together...stop hiding things from me"...I weakly said
"It won't repeat itself again"he replied

As I stood aghast by the balcony basking into the dry-leaf scented air,I could hear the noise at the background...they were at it again disturbing the entire neighbourhood...I ignored the noise and turned towards him, he had been sitting on the lounge chair  for about 5minutes and hadn't muttered a word , I walked towards him and held his face
"What's wrong" I silently said
"Nothing, I miss you" he whispered
"I miss you too " I replied

Suddenly, I felt a tap on the sliding door..
"Madam Madam" she said. It was agnes, the housemaid with a confused look on her face.
" What"..I irritatingly said
" Demi and moyo dey scatter the house and I don tell dem say make them stop" she said
"Those kids, Ok I'm can go" I said
"And err..madam uncle dokun and him wife dey parlor for downstairs" she frightenly said
" I've heard, tell them I'll be with them shortly"I replied

I took a deep breath, adjusted my blouse and stepped back inside...and there he was staring back at me, assuring me as usual that everything would be fine.. We found out pretty late, the signs were there..I remember that sunday evening in the bathtub having a warm soak together, he had told me the devastating news and I wept bitterly in his arms....he held me close telling me everything was going to be just fine ... The treatment started and at some point everything looked alright but it sucked him more n more till he could take the pain no more.

Five years without my husband, the love of my life Abodunde Adeleke Roberts, I miss him dearly. I keep holding tight to the memories wishing he would come back to me .
"Everything would be just fine" I heard a voice lightly whisper. It was his voice

As I dabbed my eyes with the hem of my skirt, I walked out of 'our favorite room' in the house and climbed down the stairs to meet my two favourite people in the world..with a plastered smile on their beautiful faces....

I knew everything was just going to be fine...

The End.

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Valerie Black said...

y didnt u jus end it at d part where dey got married? i dnt like dt he died. :( lovely story!