Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hullo lovelies....I know it's been a hot minute, Pls do forgive me.....*Puppy Face*....It's just that I HAVEN'T been busy....Yes I confess, doing absolutely nothing...Just gloating around ...And I haven't really been motivated to write anything on le blog...

This is totally weird by the way but is it just me or are there other strange peeps like me as well...anywhoo...Y is it that one minute there's this guy you fancy and u've put him in the 'Maybe Potential' list, I mean u r all over him..He's gorgeous bla bla bla but then after a lil while he starts annoying u, like u literarily can't be in the same room with him..

Also, I seem to have shocked a particular friend of mine...I get deeply infuriated when men think u can't live without them..Like they have ur "Retard" button...Like they can just press play and u can do whatever it is they want you to...Let me explain this, I like to think that I'm the most patient person ever, Don't get me wrong I get miffed from time to time but I try not to show it..U know how someone takes the piss on a daily basis but u just ignore ...Just Because!!..A certain male friend has been doing just that, but u know how u just try as much as possible not to let them grate on ur nerves...Call me touchy but they are certain things I can't take from guys...For instance
- A guy that bbm's me and first thing he says is "Yo"....Dudeee I aint ur homie, Ur homie is out somewhere looking to meet up for booze...I'm a woman Gaddamit!!

-Nothing more annoying than a man who curses half of the time..Some guys don't even know how to talk to a woman and then the so-called blabbering idiots would come up n start preaching "Respect"..Like Get outta here with that Crap.....You calmly try to chat with a man whom u think at least has some sense in his head and while u r in the process of engaging him in a convo, He starts to sing Praises on the F' word...Y tho?..

-Some guys are disgustingly forward, U try ur best to be all chummy with them..and next thing u know, they r already asking u to send a picture of urself, send this and that shiznit, what r u wearing bla bla bla?? Like what's wrong with the world??

Long and short is that....I'm sooo glad that I chucked this male friend of mine in the bin...Good riddance!!


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henriettaaw said...

LMAO! I hate that Yo!! thing... its irritating