Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shoe envy!!!

Dont you just love shoes...Beautiful shoes for that matter!!!!*drooling already at the thought*...anewais if u know me well, u'll know my 'shoebsession"..I HEART SHOES....before i go outta line, we are having a little something in my church tomoz and yup yup 'yours truly' is in the choir..I can sinnnnnggg!!!'s a jeans fest tomoz and i've been thinking of what shoes to wear..i'm torn between my beautiful all saints 'calf hair' shoes and my Kurt Geiger 'brown court" platforms....hmmmmm!!!!

*inserts le picture*

All saints-

Kurt Geiger-

*teeth chattering*.....



henriettaaw said...

You love shoes.. ah ah...xoxo

Fani.Edas said...