Saturday, 26 March 2011

Guilty Pleasures.....Continued!!

Still no sign of Bode....heaving a deep sigh, i scanned round the dancefloor hoping to make eye contact with bukky the 'not so popular miss i know everybody ' but alas, she wasnt there,probably groping some random boy just to make bode green with envy, which was a waste of time considering the fact that he didnt exactly Fancy her...Girlssss!!!

At this point, I could feel a deep frown forming on my face, Maybe i shouldnt have come here...should have headed straight home after lesson, Dad won't be too pleased about my 'after lesson' rendezvous...So many thoughts running through my mind....Okay i'm leaving..That's it, this was a bad idea.I need to get out of here..

 'You look bored, not your kind of party'..a voice said
 'Sorry'...I irritatingly replied
I hadn't  batted an eyelash before she  replied ....'Hello, my name is kikelomo'...she said with a winsomely smile on her round face..
'Funlola'..I replied hastily hoping she would get the memo that i was in no mood for small talk..

Well..let's just say she didnt stop talking and yes our beautiful friendship evolved from that very's been thirteen odd years , we dont necessarily agree on everything..kike is the adventurous, free spiritied one but  can still manage to differentiate between right and wrong..sometimes her split personality amazes me, in a good way tho....As for me, I'm neither here nor there...i try to do the right thing, at least i think i do from time to time.I like to think of myself as fun, lively in a quiet way..(dont know if that makes sense), even though kike has been prodding a lot in my business and she says i've become a bore and according to her my social life involves watching re-runs of soppy tv series and monthly retreat organized by my company.

Is she actually right, have i suddenly resolved to a reclusive lifestyle...hiding under the guise of feeling content and at peace within but different thoughts pouring through my mind...I feign a happy face in the midst of friends and family , put on a forced smile at every oohs and ahhs!!!..Sometimes i wish i could turn back the hands of time..undo the past...ended somethings before the idea even formed.

As i allow the cool heavenly breeze guide my thoughts , i remember the delicious nights at Hotel Balzac in Paris..His glorious laugh which rang out like bells on the night ..soothing yet deeply genuine, the way he pursed his lips when i refused to wear the Chopard earrings he got me to dinner at Le Pre Catelan..ohh he was intimidatingly imperious, insanely formidable, amazingly sweet, deliriously witty and yes yes Gorgeous...the way he cradled me in his arms when i moaned out a soft cry of bliss after the joyous lovemaking we had....He was my safe haven..

"Ma'am"...a disgruntled voice muttered continuosly...
"Oh sorry, lost in thought'....I said, with an awkward smile on my face
"We've reached the airport'...he said while getting out of the car to get my Goyard hand luggage..

As i opened the car door, my heart starts to beat ten times faster than it normally does...Am i doing the right thing..Can i ? should i?..Is this wise...I know someone who would be more than pleased if i went back home..*sigh*

To be continued.....


BubblyBliss said...

Hurry! Next part asap

Crimson said...

More, More, More!!!

Valerie Black said...

dint know you could write. I am pleasantly surprised to say the least, cant wait for it to be continued.