Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Incessant rants...Fani??...tut tut tut...Anewais i might sound like a bitter old woman whose husband just left her for a young, sexy supermodel, lets just say i'm not, well..for starters, a bitter old woman and yes not married either..so y the rants??...I'm just in the mood to vent  my frustration on the things that irk my beautiful soul...yup yup yup...please feel free to indulge yourself....Good therapy, trust me!!!

1.Dont you just hate it when u stumble on all them relationship blogs or someone writes a random article on relationship do's and don't...well, if you are like me, i tend not to follow whatever it is, I like to believe everything written is from someone's point of view....so what works for that person wouldn't necessarily work for me..Let me divert a little, the other day i randomly had this convo with a friend of mine..... dat said, what is it with annoying friends who think they can control ur life or better still advice u on what/ how a good relationship should be like?..I really cant remember how the relationship talk started ..hmmm, i think he asked me if i was seeing somebody or so..arrrggghh, cant remember but yeah..he is supposedly in a fantastic relationship(so he claims/says)...I told him i wasn't seeing anybody, taking my time bla bla and next thing dude starts to tell me about the history of his relationship, how he met his girl, what attracted him to her, how he asked her out bla bla bla....like wth??..who does that???..He further expantiated on his relationship do's and dont's and came up with some relationship guideline which according to him i should follow If and when i decide to be in a relationship. I still cant get over that conversation.What is it with friends that want to live your life for u??

2.Don't you just hate it when people pretend to be something they are not, I get the whole u should emulate some people shiznit particularly if it's something positive u see in a friend, yes u can emulate that person but not live your entire life as that person. I have this friend who doesnt have a life, well..she does actually but let's just say it's not her own life .she lives a phoney lifestyle, painting a picture of something that doesnt exist , maybe in another life...You know how someone tries so hard to be noticed, like why do people do that..why do you go out of your way to represent something you are not.Sometimes i wanna sit her down and tell her the way it is but she'll probably think i'm jealous and you know how catty girls can be when you try to beat some sense into them...oh well!!!

3.Don't you just hate it when guys get a tadbit over familiar..as in what arrant nonsense? some guys just don't know when to stop.I mean you meet a guy bla bla, u guys start to chat and all and all of a sudden it's comfortable for him to talk about how much he wants to shag u..call me old fashioned but err...what happened to the 'getting to know you better' phase...sometimes i scroll through the convo's i have with some people on bbm and i'm thoroughly disgusted.like what is up with guys and their bullshit...I wont give out too much on this matter but i just find it totally repugnant and unacceptable the manner at which some guys talk to girls.

So please feel free to disagree/agree or better still air out the things u hate...


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tomioladepo said...

ROFLOL-ing ... thankfully u started off by saying we would think you were a bitter old woman (Fani u did sound like it).

however, your rants are on-point. You capture the pain of a lot of ladies :)