Saturday, 19 March 2011


Scattered thoughts like pecan and almonds icecream toppings...amidst the whole listening to r.kelly, nonsensical tweets via web, disgusting rumble from my belly..No i'm not having the time of my life..For starters, I'm starving ..too lazy to cook and yes my conscience keeps pricking me..I keep having this thoughts about a particular someone..

Suffice to mention the cliched 'To err is human, to forgive is divine'...but really is forgiveness really that easy, i know as christians we shouldn't harbor thoughts of malice and we should also have a forgiving spirit  but why is it really so hard to forgive and forget..Someone hurts us and we kid ourselves that we've forgiven that person, truth is we still make reference to the things they have done.I keep asking God for the strength to forgive but it's just so hard, i'm constantly reminded of the hurt/betrayal and the only thing that keeps popping up is Revenge Revenge...According to a not so recent study 'people who nurse  thoughts of unforgiveness, revenge are liable to have increased heart rates and high blood pressure'...and yes i kid u not as i type this post, I can feel my heart beat and i feel very fuzzy..question is it from accumulated anger , irritation and annoyance towards that person???...

I wanna forgive so bad, i need grace but it's not easy , it hurts when at some point u used to love/ appreciate someone but now you  don't even like them....*sigh*..or maybe u still like them but ur mind is clouded with so much hatred u find it difficult to think about the fab times u guys had.....Lord help me!!

Is there a way to go about forgiving someone???...Is it really possible to forgive someone and totally forget all their wrongdoings???

Thots..Thots ...Thots!!!!!

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