Monday, 4 April 2011

Guilty Pleasures.......Final Part!!

"Hello princess"....He said with an overwhelming  longing in his eyes...

All the things I'd planned on telling him disappeared  as soon as he cradled my face in his hands and planted a yet delicious kiss on my mouth...Right in the middle of the Arrivals lounge at Heathrow airport, we kissed each other was a feeling of sadness, longing, pain, happiness,Uncertainty...a mixture of emotions bottled inside but at that moment we just wanted to savor the moment....Time stood still and it was just Us....Just Us!!!!!

"You look tired".....I said , while fiddling with  the Tv remote of the service apt we were gonna occupy for the remainder of our stay in London...
"I'm fine baby, just fine"...He replied

Oh lawd...this wasn't going to end well....

Later that evening, as we sat cuddled in each others arms at the lounge bar of The Dorchester...everything felt like the way it was..... We talked,Not about us tho...about everything from music, politics, life ,our career...Everything but the 'US' bit..... Ohhh, the way he'd glide his right thumb down my shoulder....Delicious tingle all over my body....He wanted me, I could see it in his eyes which had melted into a warm hazel colour ..I knew that look and yes yes I wanted him as well...I needed him so bad.

"You want to get out of here" he said in that gruff voice I'd become terribly familiar with..
"Yes"...I whispered

Thirty minutes later, fumbling with the apt keys..with so much desire frenzy in the air..arrggghhh, it took forever to open but it did...Finally!!!..
He bathed my body with juicy kisses, we tore at each others throats , clothes flying around...I needed to feel him , It had been way too long and just as he was about to....

"No"....I screamed with tears streaming down my face..I couldn't do this, this was wrong , this wasn't the plan...what was wrong with me....Had I become so desperate??...
 "I can't do this, this isn't right"...I went on in a low voice
" Funlola, you know the issue on ground, we both agreed that we'd keep it this what's not right"...he said with a sigh....
 "Ohh, so you actually enjoy this hide and seek, I'm tired derayo,I'm tired of this chase..I don't wanna run anymore..I can't live this way".....I shouted out loud with my fists clenched tightly..
"Stop being difficult funlola" he said calmly

Amidst the ceaseless tantrum, he still managed to look effortlessly grim....The nerve of him!!!...Heaving a deep sigh, he gathered me in his arms with his manly hands running down my back....he had me just where he wanted, he knew my weakness....HE was my weakness!!!

"I love you so much princess" derayo said in a low growl penned with an unending desire...
"I love you too baby, I'm so sorry for losing my temper" I said amidst uncontrollable tears pouring down my face ..

The kisses returned and it was like no form of argument occured...everything was blissful...time stood still....It was just perfect, exactly the way I wanted it to be..I could feel the hair at the back of my neck prickle with excitement, this felt so good for all the wrong reasons..Ohh, Kiky would be gravely disappointment but hey i'm going to throw caution to the wind..i guess 'what won't kill you makes you stronger'...Yeah yeah..Keep fooling yourself funlola..Foolery!!!!

Suddenly i felt a deep poke on my shoulder and  a voice rattled on.. where we landing on??..where was i??...
"Ma'am'..the voice said
"Yes " i said while looking up and adjusting back to my environment...
"We've reached the airport, do i get your things from the trunk"....He muttered.

"No, Please take me back home"...i said with a weak smile

And as we drove past the airport,I knew deep down that i'd done the right thing..sometimes somethings are better left unsaid, I wanted what i couldnt have..Derayo was taken already, my silly fantasies wouldn't bring him back to me..Kike was right,he was never going to be mine so i guess i'll have to wake up from my deep slumber and move on with my life.I hadn't seen him in six months and three days in london wouldn't change anything .

He'll be waiting for me but sadly i won't be there..

As i pressed the buzzer to the three bedroom apt i shared with the bestie, I knew i had done the right thing..wiping the tears off my cheeks, I spoke into the intercom with the faintest voice .."Kike "...I whispered.
there was a long pause at the other end...i waited patiently for her to say something silly, afterall she had warned me not go..but i heard nothing but the click on the front door..

"You did the the right thing"..she said as she patted me on the back..

At that moment, i mentally remembered the lyrics to Adele's "Someone like u"...Nevermind, I'll find someone like you,I wish nothing but the best for you, too,Don't forget me, I beg.. I remember you said, "Sometimes it lasts in love, But sometimes it hurts instead,

So i'll be fine... I hope!!!

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