Saturday, 2 April 2011

Guilty pleasures......Him!!

♫ don’t say it loud, don’t say it strong,I heard it like that before and it meant nothing at all!’re already more beautiful than anything just whisper the words!...whisper the words!...i love you, i love you, yeah!....i love you, i love you!♫....
The soothing lyrics to Just whisper by Kelly rowland plugged into my ears thanks to the in-flight headset..With my seat reclined backward, i adjust the neck pillow, put on my eye mask as i do not want to be disturbed at all, i just want to delve into sweet albeit confused thoughts just to keep me sane till i get to london.

I should have listened to kiky..I should have... but i guess it's too late to turn back, not even after the last conversation we had on the phone while i was at the airport where she practically scolded the living daylights outta my life telling me i was just a silly girl who loves to deny the obvious ..

"He ain't never gonna be yours"...she screamed 
"Whatever"....I yelled back
"You'll never find happiness with him so just wipe that beautiful illusion off your face, you are a big idiot"..she said furiously...

I was fast losing my patience....I could feel eyes staring at me as i screamed on the phone , i  did not want to create a scene or escorted out of the airport..this conversation needed to end real quick

"You know what..I'll call you when" I hadn't even finished talking before i heard the click of the phone, the bitch hung up on me.Can you bloody imagine?

Oh lawd....What am i doing?


I remember that sunny thursday afternoon, i was parked right in front of the Gran Melia clothing store on Isaac John, GRA..crying my heart out oblivious of the people around me after the refusal of yet another bank loan for my catering business...My eyes were swollen, puffy and red , not ur idea of a glorious sight..I was tired, exhausted and just wanted to quit, it had been an ardous three month and i was as yet  nowhere as big as i should have been..scurrying from one bank to another and they were all speaking the same rejection language...No thanks to the fact that Dad and I were not on speaking terms, he thinks it's a totally bad idea and we had a major fall out a while ago when i told him i'd consider moving back if everything went according to plan...Let's just say i'm too proud to ask him.

I heard a silent knock on my glass...I feigned hearing but whoever it was wouldn't leave me alone, the noise continued and as i looked up to wave whoever it was away...I found myself gazing into glory..the most beautiful eyes i'd ever seen on a man staring deeply into mine..It felt like a scene from a movie where the knight in shining armor saves a damsel in distress but this was no movie..Okay, Maybe i was experiencing  major financial crisis and i could pass for a damsel i guess..I was wearing a beautiful DVF floral print dress, Chanel earrings and my black Louboutin peep toe courts, and as at eight this morning, i had on a simple fresh faced makeup but no thanks to not wearing my Maybelline waterproof mascara on a day like this, i could feel streaks of mascara running in rivulets down my cheeks.....'I must look a mess'..i thought silently to myself!!

"Yes"...I irritatingly said while winding down my car this point, i was way past caring whether i looked presentable or not..
"Hey, take it easy "...he said in the calmest  voice .
"Look, I'm really not in the mood for small talk, do i know you?..I said frostily
"hey, it's okay...You are so stubborn, I'm sure people tell you that all the time'..he said

At this time, I was done playing what arrant nonsense. For chrissakes, I just wanted to be left alone but whatever his name was won't leave and what audacity did he have to call me Adebanke Jacobs. Talk about being a poke noser!!!

"Can we talk somewhere??..Please"...he said
"Why"..I weakly said
"for starters, my name is Derayo williams and no i don't bite'..he said with a half grin on his face

One thing led to another, he found his way into my car and we headed straight to the Rissioni bar with his driver  trailing behind....In between several rounds of French Martini, i found myself pouring out my heart to him, things i'd bottled inside for years, things i thought i had forgotten..Ohhh I spoke and he listened. Right from that day, something started..a beautiful friendship started...*sigh*

Well...lets just say that warm thursday evening, My impromptu trip to Abuja...Something Happened!!!

To be Continued....

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