Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupids Got a Gun...PT. 3

"So what sorta music do u listen to"....I asked him as I cradled the phone against my ear with a huge smile plastered on my face...
"Well, a bit of everything really, I'm an old skool kind of guy tho" he replied
" Borrriiiinnngg"...I responded ...
"Ok, don't even get me started with the A-Z of music" he deeply replied in that sexy baritone voice of his..

And I stood in my bathroom, smiling sheepishly at the mirror in front of me, reminiscing on our endless midnight calls, totally guessed right, Bodunde and I became suspiciously close right after our assigned coursework....well, let's just say amongst people we had to hide under the guise of being mere acquaintances....stolen breathless glances both in class n church....absomazingly Lushhh!!!

It had been three weeks, 2 days, 8hrs and 6mins....delicious moments and yes...wait for it....Our first date!!!...Abiola my sweet albeit annoying flatmate thinks I'm overly excited, I think she's just jealous that I have a man (well..not like we were official, okk..he hadn't exactly asked me to date him BUT I knew he fancied the socks outta me...whooopss!!!

Twirling round the flat in my Day birger et mikkelsen striped jersey maxi dress paired with the gorgeous pierre hardy 'color block wedge sandals' dokun got me last year on  my birthday, Minimal make up on, Parisienne by YSL carefully dabbed behind my ears...I looked sensational...I knew it..

"How do I look"...I lovingly asked the evil witch(Abiola)..Oopss!!
"Hotness, You look fab babe, bodunde is in for it"...she nicely said with a twinge of envy.
"Thank you boo"...I replied as I walked to the front  door
"Have fun"..she screamed
" Will do"...I said amidst air kisses..

Okay!!...Breathe in and out Jade..
"I'm gonna have fun tonite"...I repeatedly mumbled as I sashayed towards the devishly handsome man standing besides the dark BMW...
"Hello you"...I shyly said
"Aww, is she shy....U look incredible jade"..He teasingly said while giving me a hug and planting a wet kiss behind ear...gosh, I tingled all over...
"Well..thank you, you clean up good as well"..I sheepishly said..

And as we drove out of the building complex with sade adu's "By your side" hissing softly from the car speakers, he slowly glided his right thumb round my hands..."Is this love , is this love that I'm feelingggg"...sigh

"U ok babe"...bodunde whispered as we sat across each other at the mussel inn seafood restaurant..
"I'm fine"...I replied
" So tell me something I don't know" he said
"Well"...I said while gulping down my wine..

Let's just say dinner was mental...I had the best night of my life, the conversation went on and on and I didn't want it to end..It was a Faboossshh night, And as he walked me to the front  door , I said dreamily " So, do u wanna come in"
"Would love to but it's late and I wanna be on my best behaviour"..He crisply said
"Ok, so u'll call me when you get home right"..I murmured sexily
"Yup Yup, will do lovely"...he said while giving me a peck on the cheek..


It was 11.15pm and I was happy...I needed to share my bubbly mood with someone and I knew the right person to call, d bestieeee dokun...

" Hellooo babe" I happily said
" Hey u"...he yawnly replied
"Are u sleeping" I asked
"Well, kinda but it can't someone's extremely excited?...hmmm, I take it the date went well"...He said with a suppressed laugh
"Yes Yes, Ohh dokun he is the one..I like him so much " I airily said
"Okk, I'm happy that u are happy just be careful and take thing slowly babe"...dokun said
"Def def, I know u r looking out for me beau but I got this covered"..I carelessy replied..
" I know but just ..." He went on and on, I knew he was looking out for me but can't I just enjoy this moment, I was definitely not in the mood for the brotherly talk
Absently rolling my eyes, I murmured under my breath "Noted dokun, I've heard..I'll be extra careful"..

That conversation happened five days ago, I could sense the slight irritation in his voice as I hurriedly ended the phone call but he'll be fine though...

"Penny for your thoughts" Bodunde said
"Oh it's nothing"..I replied
"Sure"..he said while moving closer to the bed..
Okk, he was at my room actually, he had stopped over to drop a textbook I had asked him to pick up from the library and let's just say we mysteriously found our way to my bedroom...and yup we talked some more about everything, I told him about yemi (le ex) , he listened and I talked some more...He spoke about his mum a lot though, the love of his life apparently, he spoke about his family and then it was time to go home...

Two baby steps to my bedroom door, he pulled me back and as we stood gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, holding each other tight...he moved his right thumb round my lower lip, lowered his head and said in the deepest growl ever..
"I've wanted to do this since our first date"
I had turned jelly inside, he tasted insanee..a hint of strawberry coated with mint..It was absolutely divine...D way he nibbled on my lip, teased my lips with tiny juicy kisses and then explored my mouth..


To be continued...

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Valerie Black said...

a hint of strawberries coated with mint? raised eyebrow* lol! na so! did he drink or eat smthn with dt in it?