Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cupids Got a Gun...PT. 4

And so our crazy love fest began....we weren't exactly everywhere together, we had some seperate classes but I'll never forget his sheepish lovelost look when he'd wait at my class lobby for me..He was sweet like that..

Dee' my zimbabwean friend would go ..'Eishhh, dude is so hooked on you'..and I'd give her a cheeky smile.everything felt so good .

I remember acting like a lost puppy at Heathrow airport, my baby was moving back to nigeria..I was terribly devastated..It was mid july and I wasn't going back till december , 6 hellish months without bodunde...arrgghh!!!..
As we stood at the gate entrance hands linked tightly..tears streaming down my face..
"Jade stop acting like a baby, you'll see me soon, december is almost here" he weakly said
" Yeah yeah, easy for u to say, I'm worried babe"..I replied
"Worried..why??..ohh you think I'd forget  about you as soon as I get to lagos"..bodunde said
"Well...I've heard stories"..I angrily said
"Jade, how can u say that?..I love u silly and you are the only woman I wanna be with"..He said calmly
 Heaving a deep sigh, I stared deep into his eyes with a weak smile on my face..."I'm sorry bodunde, didn't mean it that way and yes I trust you with my every being"...
"Better, now give papa a smile" he teased..
I smiled lovingly and planted a full kiss on his mouth, he hugged me tight and whispered deeply in my ear "Me and you together..Always, Always baby!!!..

I've never embraced the idea of being in a long distance relationship but let just say it worked for bodun and I, I mean it wasn't easy.He had returned back to work a week after he got to lagos..his work schedule was first it was quite difficult to take the whole thing in...I'd throw a tantrum from time to time especially when I'd call him and he never picked but with time I got to understand the whole thing...

It had been a lovely albeit somewhat crazy 6 months but I still loved and enjoyed every bit of the relationship..My love for Abodunde Roberts had increase immensely, it was like a breath of fresh air and Yes I was finally had been what,like 8 years out of nigeria and it felt wonderful to be back...

As I strolled out of the Murtala Mohammed Airport, I saw both of them, My adopted parents (Uncle boye and Sister bolu)...aww, sister bolu hadn't aged at all....Uncle boye was still the looker...I remember that day at the airport, aunty bolu had wept silently, she didn't like the idea of me on my own in england but she later warmed to the idea...
"Se omo jeje o (be a good girl)and be careful" she said
"Aunty, stop crying..I'll be fine and besides I'll see you and them lola in june"..I dryly said....
I wiped the tear that was rolling down my face and hurriedly pushed the trolley towards them..
"Jadesola" aunty bolu heartily said while hugging me
"Welcome home"..Uncle boye happilly said whilst pushing the trolley..
Home sweet Home!!

Sadly, they had moved from their ikeja flat to was still an enjoyable ride home, it felt like the old days and as we turned into driveway, I saw the dark blue honda civic parked right in front of the main gate, the silhoutte of the man fully outlined....He was here!!!..He came!!! I was buzzinnggg..
He got out of the car as soon as he saw our car driving in and as he walked inside, I ran out of the car laughing and crying at the same time straight into his arms..he rubbed his face all over my hair and I kept whispering " I love you"..

Sister bolu said she was slightly shocked when I told her 8months ago about Bodunde, I guess she still thought dokun and I were gonna end up married or so..Uncle boye was initially protective,he didn't want me jumping into another relationship after the crazy one with the ex but I assured him bodunde was different and He had warmed towards him....Right from his first visit to their house,they bonded right away and he became family at that point..

" hey beau"...I said
"How's my fave woman" he sexily said
"I'm fineee, on my way to urs, see you in a bit"..I said lovingly
"Waiting, love u lots" he said in that cute boyish voice
" Love u too, " I said and hung up.
And that was when it happened, four months after I got back. It was a warm afternoon..the highway was free which was quite unusual... Bei Maejor's "Girl Flex" blaring loudly from my car stereo..It was a lovely day, well not until I heard the sound..I looked at my rearview mirror and noticed the cream toyota camry whose bumper had hit the back of my back...I parked by the road to look at the damage, the camry had been parked as well..

With a deep frown forming on my face, I muttered to myself "But why are lagos drivers careless like this"..I said whilst getting out of my car and like a bull charging, I saw her marching furiously towards me with two other women..I hadn't even uttered a word before I received a loud resounding slap on my face..
"Bitch, stay away from my man" she angrily said
" Your man" I said holding my right hand to my face"
"Are you asking me, I see you are the plaything that just came back..Abodunde is mine so stay away from him" she screamed while nodding to the equally crazy women by her side
And so the punching started, they tore my white Ann taylor shirt, beat me black and blue.
They charged back to their car and drove off..a small crowd had gathered and I could hear the silent "Aunty take it easy" as well as the disgusting "Ashewo, she fit don steal person husband like that, all this yeye lagos girls"...

The tears poured out and I started shaking, shrieking in fear I entered my car, picked up my mobile phone and called him..

"Dokun" I said amidst uncontrollable tears
"Hey babe, what's wrong"...he said
" I can't talk much, I'm parked five blocks from the rissioni bar, can u come and get me"...I said while wiping my face
"On my way babe, Just wait right where you are ..okayy"..he replied
"Ok, I'll wait for you"..I meekly whispered

Five minutes after the phone call, my phone began to ring , I didn't have to pick the phone to know who the caller was, I'd assigned a special ringtone for him and as I picked up my fone I pressed the .......

To be continued

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