Monday, 25 July 2011


*le sigh*....So remember my 'Runaway love' post about being a voice whore bla bla as well as the gorgeous man whose voice i was in 'likenesss' with...Yup, well...I finally gathered the strength to talk to him at the cookout organised by my church..I spoke to him first and yes my pre-planned conversation thread worked magic...He bought it and was totally amazed at my audaciousness.....This is good right??... I mean i should be pirouetting in front of my wardrobe mirror...I'm glad dont get me wrong, like we totally bonded and all that shiznit but it's a tad bit complicated..

I think there's something wrong with me....Okay i know there's something wrong, I should be elated cos he meets the complete package but err...I think i'm scared of being in a relationship, Yes i know it's too early to decide whether or not we might date but u know those kinda thingies(cant define sorry) that might eventuually evolve into a relationship......Exactly!.  I think i enjoy the chase but i'd rather shy away from the commitment steez.Like he knows what he wants....I don't..Yess i've been single for like Forever , I should be in a relationship But...I dont know if thats what i want..What do i really want???

I'm not saying that he is the's too early to know..I dont know if i'm willing to give him a try..I definitely dont wanna waste his time....But i'm attracted to him....Does this even make sense???

....I'd appreciate your two cents.

Bisous Bisous..


henriettaaw said...

Aww you need a hug...
With me as well, I have been single for like forever and all yeah and its so funny coz its the assholes that know what they want and the ones my heart truly yearns for don't come out straight but would rather want a string along sorta thing and most have ex issues or proper gf's who are out of the country.

Anyways, back to you; don't force it.. trust me.. It would just flow and its all in the smile..

When its right it will just happen... if you think you are ready to accommodate another being in your life, then go ahead and if you are not, then chill.. theres's no rush. Love comes naturally and when you are ready you will know. xoxo

Fani.Edas said...

aww thx

Andiva said...

Sweetie, just live. You only live once. What's the worst that could happen really?! Give him a chance and see where it takes you guys. You're attracted to him, he fits the bill (whatever that is) so I hope you're already pirouetting in front of your Victorian cast iron mirror.

No regrets.

Valerie Black said...

lol! take a chance love! Make up ur mind.