Saturday, 5 February 2011

Week-end en images!!!!!

Ok...woke up this morning feeling a tadbit groggy, no reason wotsoever tho..*sigh*. left my house wiv cocoa and we spent about 10mins fishing out coins from our purses at d bus -stop while our buses trailed past like clouds over a country......Oh yes!!! this is totally random by the way...I'm not the type to "bitch"(excuse my french) about this but i'm totally unhappy with my short hair, went to this salon for the first time and the hairdresser flat-ironed the shiiiit outta my hair ...not pleased at all.Cant even take a picture of the hair cos it's in a poor state..Anewaisssss moving on to further interesting things.....Foodieeeee!!!!

Cocoa and i decided to have  late lunch at wagamama, hence le images....

 we n orange juice  and carrot juice..(notice.. cocoa's empty glass)
Cocoa and i at some point randomly started reading. okk...we got bored of talking about nothing and formed reading while waiting for the food...Girlssss*


I had chilli men , which is deliciously tasty by the way and cocoa had something with fig leaves in it(i kid i kid)..i believe it's called teriyaki chicken donburi..yeahh!

In between meals, cocoa spotted some "hawt blokes", well according to her. I really wish i took a picture tho but sadly i did not.......anewais for dessert we had coconut reik and japanese cheesecake which was yummy by the was my first time having the coconut reik which is basically coconut icecream sprinkled with coconut flakes and mango toppings.

oh yeah...cocoa decided to play with the 'paper mat' and being her intelligent self , she showed me how japanese people calculate...I really cant explain it but this is a pic tho..

lunch ended , did a wee bit of shopping and came back home. got home and started watching this movie called 'freedom writers' which is sad in a nice way.... urs truly is such a cry baby, so i shed a few tears was too touching.....Church tommorow and i'm totally giddy with excitement, it's the 1st sunday in february and yeah i get to wear my new schuzz..yayyy!!
Gorgeous eh??....i knowwww. shoes are my weaknesss ..*sigh*..Anewais wish me luck with them shoes , y thank you!!...*giving u guys my most winsomely enticing smile*...

ok folks(In daffy duck's voice)..i have to run along now, i hope u had a fab weekend as well..

Gros bisous..


neks2U said...

Men I miss wagamama!! :'( this looks soo yummy!

Fani.Edas said...

aww sowwry lav...looking at dem pictures got me drooling all over again..god foodie..