Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Life is so unfair , u bump into someone totally yummy and d words wont come out..y????. anewais went to the Apple store today to sort out my mac charger bla while waiting to be attended to, Hawt guy is seriously perusing the "IPAD"...danggg!!!!he is a fine brotha..urs truly is too shy to say hello.PAUSE!!!
I just realised that i actually do not "practice what i preach", in as much as i claim to be d so-called "21st century" woman, bold, audacious, open minded bla liver failed me today....standing two computers away from me was Gorgeous" and i kept mum, as in who does that??. like seriously, i could have just walked up to him and then err.....say hi??? then wot really...*sigh*

So urs truly did the most impressive thing any reasonable woman with no liver would do...I spoke to my two legs and calmly walked away, well not out of the Apple" store, someplace more convenient where i could get a good view..ahhh,i'm swooning already..*singing out loud*..'is this love, is this love that i'm feeling'...To cut the long, less dramatic story short...hawtness left zee building and i didnt even get a sad!...oh well!!! probably another life.

Gros bisous..

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