Friday, 4 February 2011


Pacing back and forth my studio flat in london, I feel somewhat saddened at the fact that I would be leaving my uber-gorgeous  million pound(I wishhh!!!!) flat behind....but hey! What the heck , this is what I’ve always wanted , Right?????..........Moving to Glasgow ,( the city that never sleeps.... starting a new life  for myself as well as thinking more in the lines of Prada, Louboutin, BCBG and the likes.....Oh lawd!!!!Now that’s got me all excited.....................

Getting off the train at the Glasgow queen street station, there’s a sudden rush of adrenaline, at this point...I don’t know whether to scream like a mad woman, jump or better still remain composed....I am finally here!!!!!! I have dreamt ,sorry I meant( We) have dreamt of this day.......Walking past the barriers , I am gladdened by the fact that I remembered to wear a jacket  as it is a bit cold. And as we stepped out of the station, right there standing tall and regal , highly distinctive with others bowing to it was the ‘JOHN LEWIS’ mall beckoning to me, I could feel it stretching its hand towards me ,  and as I walked towards it  i saw the other shops putting their ‘Welcome ‘Sign up and walking nearer towards it , I could see an array of shops with people filing in  and out, the birds whispering, the  buzzing of the bees, the loud chit-chats , the Glorious music and  the heavenly smell of Strawberry and Vanilla...I fell in love  there and then  and knew there was no turning back...That, was my first visit to the City of Glasgow.

Deep Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......I am quickly jarred back to reality by the loud blaring horn coming from the rented truck packed outside my flat...Thanks Ladi, Always there to ruin a beautiful moment............
‘It’s time babe’......He yells
‘I’m coming’......I yelled back.This is it, the day I’d been waiting for a wee while to come  and as I locked my  flat, walking out with my head high... I knew then that it was a start of the greatest adventure of my life.
Glasgow........Here I Come

Urs Truly,

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