Thursday, 24 February 2011

Her mind.....

Randomly thought about you today, I want out....I feel like you are pulling me back, i get totally miffed when you assume that you know irks me when you think you can control my life or you want to know everything about me...we had something..(Yayyy), had being 'past tense'...I want to breathe , i dont want to think about you .U were a phase i should have ended even before its conception. I want to be free, i want to be my own person please leave me and let me be in peace...I dont know if i'll miss you , I shouldnt even miss you  but the more i try not to , you are stuck in my head.

I'm not mad at you but i'm not happy being with you either..With you, it's a bitter sweet feeling. one minute i'm all goofy minute i feel dejected, i want to pluck my eyes out ..*sigh*..Thank you for the fantastic times, I cant say i enjoyed it but a mumbled THANK YOU' will i set you free, go ahead and live your life, go ahead and love another , go ahead and find peace elsewhere.

I lied when i said ' i loved you', i dont but it felt like the convenient way of letting myself breathe..I dont love you, never have , never will..I wish you the best, please don't think about me.


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Crimson said...

a familiar feeling, i haven't said good byes yet to the one that lingers in my mind!