Friday, 4 February 2011


‘I shall not be tempted, I shall not be tempted..these are the words pouring into my mind as i  walked into the  rich interiors of the Armani store i didn’t exactly plan on shopping, between  there are actually two reasons why yours truly is out .1.) So i got these  bleached jeans  from Armani last week and truth be told i was rather in a hurry  and  couldnt be bothered  to  try them  on  and on getting home i realised it was a no-no for me.keep or Return?? RETURNNNNN...2.)  My adorable boo  is out shopping......not much of a dresser believe me????? Dress sense-0/10...........his story is for another day, cos once i start i’m afraid i dnt know when to end.....
Deep sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m thinking  out loud to do i fully introduce myself  to u guys...Hmmmmm........I am not ur typical average  babe..infact  i beg to differ.....I am special, one  of a kind,unique  and a big time, at least so ive been told....I love  anything that attaches itself to the word F.A.S.H.I.ON....bags, shoes, clothes, fashion mags,’s  an endless list and by God, it’s a huge weakness of mine..
Have u ever walked into the store , bearin’ in mind that ur account is blinking ‘ RED!!!! RED!!!!RED’.. u still have bills upon bills to pay, Ur rent is due in three days, ur electricity/gas bill came in last nite  and u still haven’t finished paying ur fone bills..u should be bothered...infact very bothered  but..dat dress.he monochrome one hanging on the  rack beside the purple and grey patterned dress wti h the skinny belt, which is pweetyyyyy by the way .. staring right back at you, it’s like it’s talking to u.....a mini conversation where  ‘d dress and urself of course  r the only living things  in the room.....It’s asking u to move in it’s direction....take the bold step ,a quick peek to see if they have ur exact size and (price) of course.......ahhhhhh!!!!!!size 6...perfect and  it’s nt as expensive as u thot...Take (yes/no)???? .....Maybe......then at dis point..u start talking to urself...’try it on to see if it fits or not and then u can decide.u walk into the fitting room, shoulders held high   wiv the store assistant asking...’How many do u have?........she says
‘Two ‘....u reply...u know, d monochrome dress and that gorgeous patterned dress which u are not buying by the way, but u wanna know if it fits or not....and halleluyahhhh, it fits..I mean...They both do’.hmmmm.....Do u really need them? Yupppp......between  Shade’s buffdai is next week and the patterned dress would be perfecttttt and yeahhhh......the monochrome would be perfect for brunch with the girls on Sunday.Ahhhh  blesssssss..u feel totally fulfilled and as u walk to the counter to’s like  the weight has been lifted off ur shoulders and as u slide ur card  into the ‘square like’ machine and u pop in ur pin ..ur heart is beating slightly .....Boom Boom Boom .....and finally, there’s a light at d end of the tunnel....Card Accepted.
U walk out of the store fully pleased with ur self....Guilt free and loving urself  even more than u ever did with ur shopping bag intact..Deep sigh!!!!!!!.well that was me , yeah..Me......yesterday  to be precise, feeling damn good with my self  and i’m still loving the feeling..

So.........The perfect introduction to my utterly divine life  is a full description of ‘urs truly..My name is Eleanor Boluwatife Harrison........i’m known by those around me as ‘ella’..I am ’21 going on 30’ perfect size ‘6’...and no i’m not skinny, more like  ‘slim fit’.........I have a boyfriend who dotes on me like a  baby and loves me  as well, feelings like wise  and last but definitely not the least’ ......I AM A FASHIONISTA.


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